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The concept of performance appraisal

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Thread: The concept of performance appraisal

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    The concept of performance appraisal

    Each organization concerned about the performance assessment of staff and is done through specific methods are often based division of Supervisors in order to identify the overall efficiency of the staff, in order to identify aspects of the development in performance
    And know the performance appraisal process "as a process aimed at determining the performance of the worker is defined and how it should perform its work and design plan for the development group, it would assess the performance of not only the definition of the worker level of performance but also influence the level of performance in the future."
    And Other researchers say that the evaluation of performance "means the assessment of the efficiency of workers for their work and their behavior in it, and that a formal system designed to measure and evaluate the performance and behavior of individuals at work and through constant observation and the Organization for this performance, behavior, and results, during certain time periods and unknown.
    And definitions of the comprehensive performance assessment that "a periodic report shows the level of individual performance and the type of behavior compared with the tasks and duties of the job entrusted to it. It helps officials to find out the weaknesses and strength in the activity of that individual. And the goal is to address the weaknesses, if any, promoting aspects of the force. The focus of this concept to the actual performance under the requirements of the job, and standardized achievement that is expected of them performed

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    The performance appraisal system

    Evaluation criteria vary from company to company, according to the philosophy adopted by the company, and in particular whether the administrative philosophy is the philosophy of sufficiency (Sufficiency) or the philosophy of efficiency (Efficiency), or the philosophy of effectiveness (Effectiveness).
    Objectives of performance appraisal system in the office for consultation and the Iraqi reconstruction:
    1. Use the results of the evaluation to promotion, transfer, maintenance and termination of services.
    2. To identify the strengths and weaknesses in performance.
    3. Planning of human resources.
    4. Training needs assessment at the individual level and at the institutional level.
    5. Planning, training programs and other development and to recommend amendments.
    6. The use of evaluation results to make decisions in respect of remuneration and compensation and incentives.
    Evaluation criteria:
    I: assessment by the philosophy of sufficiency: This assessment focuses on how to comply with the laws and regulations and resolutions, in line with the so-called governance laws (MB L) and often depends on the following criteria:
    1. Personal characteristics: personal qualities may be directly, such as truthfulness, honesty, loyalty, discipline, commitment and intelligence, or work-related, such as productivity and the ability to self-development, and others. This criterion is important however is not sufficient and does not consider the objective performance appraisal process.
    2. Rates of performance: This standard is talking about standards of performance, and works to compare the performance of the Group on the light of these rates, the criticism of him that he is not a practical approach and accurate, especially in service organizations or companies which it is difficult to place the performance of accurate measurements.
    II: evaluation according to the philosophy of efficiency: in line with the so-called method of management by objectives (MBO):
    This method relies on identifying the goals of group, and evaluation is measuring the extent of achievement of the objectives set. This standard, with recognition of its importance, is difficult to apply, particularly with regard to the objectives of the specific nature, it also focuses on the achievement of goals and by, that's what makes it a method of partially does not deal with all the variables that should be taken into account in the form of the organization "Company" integrated.
    III: Assessment according to the philosophy of efficiency: it is in harmony with the style of total quality management or management excellence, this method focuses on all key variables underlying the effectiveness of the company.
    Based on this criterion, the assessment of the performance presents us with the following questions:
    First question: to what extent the employee commits himself to the core values in the company (the philosophy adopted by the company) and to what extent the employee applying these values in daily activities?
    The second question: To what extent the efficiency of staff in achieving the goals set?
    1. The highest quantity / higher productivity performance.
    2. The best quality / excellence.
    3. Less time / efficiency.
    4. Less expensive.
    The third question: What is the interest of his fellow employee and the extent of his passion for the work of the team?
    Fourth Question: What is the interest of employee and consumer society, whether it is capable of attracting consumers / customers to the new company?
    Fifth question: employee's interest in the development of the company, what are the initiatives taken by?
    What are the innovations (new ideas) by?
    Do you invented methods, techniques or tools new job?
    In questioning the former, the to the resident to abide by the primary norm in this assessment and that, the need for the enjoyment of outlook of the overall take into account the characteristics or personal qualities, and work performance, objectives, and degrees of knowledge and skill in addition to the behavioral aspects other that guarantee fundamental to the achievement of justice in the evaluation process.
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    Evaluation mechanism by the philosophy of Effectiveness:
    Employee shall be considered the center of life and vitality, and vitality of the employee does not have to comply with the laws and regulations imposed on it. But the most important element is the sense of justice, respect, and affection in all his relations with his superiors, subordinates and colleagues at work, and a sense of justice is the most important criterion is seen each employee, and to ensure justice is essential to develop a system for assessing staff programmer accordingly, the regime agreed with the philosophy of efficiency and based on the following mechanism:

    The documentation for direct events or facts according to what is called a record of the facts directly, where the President or the immediate supervisor of the employee record all observations of the employee go, and to document the facts and events, and not leave any particles or footnotes and focus only on the notes outstanding, positive or negative, and organized in the file for every employee and the president must direct or immediate supervisor to log these observations as the event date or event using the following models (models to document the fact direct) and you can get from browsing through the forum of models and management tools.

    Second: the staff member concerned is informed by his direct supervisor, noting hours occur, and knows what has been entered into the record, with giving him the opportunity to comment on it, then sign it.
    Third: The President shall direct the assessment of these observations according to the procedure (1-100) from the lowest to the highest degree and documented according to a ruler evaluation
    Fourth: Showing the results of evaluation (different notes) on the Committee to assess the specialized committee shall review the evaluation process and in particular the estimated grades, and make any adjustments it deems appropriate, it is not entitled to the heads of residents to intervene or to protest against what documented by the Committee.
    Fifth: The final grades are calculated as follows:
    A - it gives the employee (50%) of the total scores for each criterion, if the value class of standard values is (40) The degree of staff in the category of middle-management or the lowest (50) degrees to the category of senior management, the staff member of the middle class or minimum grant ( 20) degrees, and (25) If the degree of a class of senior management, and so it is the application of this mechanism for all types of workers and all other criteria.
    B - is the focus for each standard on the top five observations, the positive observations only (if that number was five), and the five worst negative comments that have increased in number from five observations.
    C - given any note positive or negative observations of the first five that have been documented in 20% of the total marks of (50%) remaining, which is equal to the standard values (4) degrees for the categories of middle management and administration floor, (5) degrees to the staff in the category senior management, and so on for the other criteria.
    D - is multiplied by the degree of each observation by the previous data point in the calculated power (which was appreciated) on the ruler, as is clear in the model number (26). For example, if the force calculated for one of the comments standard values (60%), the end result of this note 4 × 60% = 2.4 degree, the 5 × 60% = 3 degrees and for employees in the category of senior management, and so on for the rest of the notes or for staff in the categories of middle management and the world.
    E - is thrown total scores of the total negative and positive values for each criterion.
    And - are added as a result of subtraction to the basic degree in both standard and that is equal (50%) of the total score as shown previously.
    G - If the number of observations over (5) observations are taken, the best (10) observations as shown previously.
    Is to take advantage of any notes in excess of the total observations of the first five weights when the comparison between the staff members who receive the total degrees are equal.
    H - The final results of the assessment for each grade and each grade is determined by the following results:
    85% above expectations and above a high degree
    75% - 85% above expectations
    50% - 75%, according to expectations
    40% - 50% less than expected
    Less than 40% unacceptable
    I - is Trshehad the final results for each employee as a form of evaluation results
    Sixth: The performance appraisal system gives employees the right to object to that assessment to the agency responsible for evaluation of performance, which is supposed to be the independent body responsible (for the High Evaluation Commission).
    In the case of comparison or more employees as a result of obtaining the same results, we take into account any facts or events positive or negative than the number (5)
    If the total degree of values less than (50%) of the class scheduled for this axis, this result is what looks like a veto right over the other results. If the results under this criterion (80%) must focus on processes within the development appropriate, in order to strengthen the position of values in the company

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    Dear friends

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    The following is brief explanation of performance apparaisal:
    Performance appraisal is a method of evaluating the behaviour of employees in the work spot, normally including both the quantitative and qualitative aspects of job performance. It is a systematic and objective way of evaluating both work-related behaviour and potential of employees. It is a process that involves determining and communicating to an employee how he or she is performing the job and ideally, establishing a plan of improvement.

    Performance appraisal could be taken either for evaluating the performance of employees or for developing them. The evaluation is of two types: telling the employee where he stands and using the data for personal decisions concerning pay, promotions etc.

    Appraisal of employees serves several useful purposes:

    1) Compensation decision

    2) Promotion decisions

    3) Training and development programs

    4) Feedback

    5) Personal development

    You can see more at resource : Performance review

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    I like The concept of performance appraisal very much.

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