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One day was rolling in riches, and the honoured guest princes and wealthy merchants the next, was out elbows, and could not raise a few soldi for a shave at Many the agents Florentine commercial houses became famous in the annals their city no less than in the greater world Europe. Filippo degli Scolari, a traveller for Calimala in Hungary, was appointed cashier the king, and director the currency. He restored the kingdom and was named Governor Servia and Captain-General. Castruccio Castracani, a member the Interminelli banking-house, who was exiled in his youth for a trivial offence, raised himself as a soldier and a statesman until was elected Lucca.

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Farinata degli Uberti merchant, soldier and statesman, became the master Tuscany. Niccolo Acciaiuoli a member the noted steel manufacturing house, ruled the kingdom Naples as dispenser Along the trade routes were Ostellieri Commercial Inns at the disposition the members the Guilds.

The Ostellani undertook lodge and feed Florentine merchants and their agents upon their journeys, and store their merchandise. These men were under the observation and order the Guild Consuls and visiting inspectors.

They were forbidden, under penalty losing their licences, participate in mercantile speculations. They were established in Paris, Caen, Aries, Perpignan, Gilles, and other places in France, dissertation ideas special needs and also throughout Flanders and Germany.

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Trade routes crossed and re-crossed one another, but all converged upon Florence and over these her merchants entered into arrangements with writer essay their respective rulers. In early days, however, was a common practice for the hill tribes swoop down upon pack trains, which conveyed and fro consignments merchandise. To safeguard her commercial interests Florence entered into many treaties article rewriter with her neighbours Pisa Lucca Signori del Mugello, who were robber chieftains, for safe cond ucts Bologna, against reprisals Faenza, with respect jurisdiction Perugia, concerning the wool and silk trades Maremma chieftains, for i need help writing an analysis essay security cattle droves, etc.

Several treaties were made with Siena and Pisa which treated territorial as well as commercial policy. With respect sea-borne merchandise, the chief ports for the trade Florence were Ancona, Rimini, and Venice, the east, and the west, Pisa, Leghorn, and Genoa. The commercial relations Florence grew apace. Goro Dati glories in the fact that, as puts The Florentines were well acquainted with all the holes and corners the known world. In the fourteenth century more than three hundred agents were despatched every year upon commercial journeys. Resident Florentines were first appointed Consuls at foreign ports. The qualification for this important office was simply citizenship, but only such men as might expected extend the fame and influence Florence, their own personal force character and aptitude for business, were chosen.

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These officers were established in Eastern ports, where each was assisted a secretary, with a monthly salary four gold florins, two assistants and a native dragoman. Each Consul had three horses at his disposal. He was dissertation express forbidden engage in trade, or act in any way for other States. His salary was paid rates levied upon merchandise entering and leaving the port. Goro Dati, Istoria Firenze.

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