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At the regular meeting, November, the following proceedings were Thos.

Brazill, the complainant, and Dr. John Cooper, dean plaintiff college, being present, were each sworn and examined. At the conclusion the evidence the following was adopted unanimous vote Resolved, That in the opinion this board the charges against the Iowa Eclectic Medical College, preferred Mr. Brazill, are not fully sustained, no witness for the prosecution other than himself having testified but the testimony the dean the faculty the aforesaid college, to-wit.

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Dr. John Cooper himself, find sufficient corroborative evidence satisfy dissertation publishing that the teaching in said college not our minimum ret uirements, and need help to write a research paper therefore feel constrained withhold certificates from the graduates On motion, the secretary was authorized withhold all applications from colleges not now recognized this board until the next meeting the board.

On motion, the application Evans for a certificate, as above recited, was rejected the ground that fails furnish satisfactoi evidence having been graduated from a college recognized this board as in good standing.

Appellant's contentious are that the action the Board illegal because not authorized the statute, and, if authorized, illegal because a statuteso authorizing in violation the constitution. After analyzing the statute 'It clear that the defendant Board did have the power, proper investigation, determine the identity applicants, the genuineness their diplomas, and whether they the diplomas were issued a medical school legally organized and in good standing.

The constitutionality the statute might well beijuestioned if authorized the defendant board determine without investiofation that a particular medical school was not in good standing, and especially wheu that school had previously been determined in good standing.

We not say that the board concluded having once determined that a school in good standing from thereafter determining differently, but only that write my paper reviews has not power arbitrarily, and without investigation. We not say that such inquiries must attended with the formality a trial in court, but the determination must based upon inquiry and facts, and not upon the mere arbitrary will the board.

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The remaining complaint against the action taken college essay online help upon the investigation had November Jl.

The complaint not against the manner the in vestig'ation, but against the result as shown in the resolutions copied above.

The finding was that the teaching in said college not our minimum The board having authority determine the standing colleges, was certainly proper that they should advise them in advance what would required them.

The requirements prescribed, save the one quoted above, look the thoroughness the education given, and are in harmony with the purposes the statute. The standing a college as contemplated in this statute rather what the college in respect the thoroughness its course, than what reported The board was fully authorized determine, upon proper investigation, that a college was not in good standing, that did not meet the minimum requirements as extent and thoroughness its course. The legality the requirements as the per cent that may graduate not involved in this case, but as has been discussed may say that certainly questionable. While the graduation an unusual per cent may ground for closer scrutiny, may well questioned whether the defendant board may arbitrarily say that but forty-five per cent shall permitted graduate. help essay writing competition The standing the plaintiff college was a matter within the jurisdiction the defendant board determine, and November, after a full and fair examination, determined that said college was not in good standing, because its teaching was not said minimum requirements. The board having jurisdiction determine this question fact, and having determined upon full investigation and evidence, unanimous vote, must hold their action legal, though might reach a different conclusion the facts, if were our province consider them. Much said in argument about the composition the different schools medicine, but as the statute does not require that the different schools shall represented the board, its composition can not affect the jurisdiction or the legality its acts in the respect under consideration. Upon the question the constitutionality the statute the Court says In McAunich Co. Iowa, the rule was announced as follows These laws are general and uniform, not because they operate upon every person in the state, for they not, but because every person who brought within the relation and circumstances provided for, affected the They are general and uniform in their operation upon all persons in like situation, and the fact their being general and uniform not affected the number persons within the scope their operation.

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