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In London the income the Florentine Consul was obtained percentages upon the Lettere Cambio bills Exchange, and upon the values essays on helping the needy cargoes sold and bought At Constantinople, Lyons, Bruges, and other principal trading centres similar rates were in force. Florentine merchants and bankers were found in numbers everywhere, in Turkey there were fiftyone houses, in France twenty-four, at Naples thirty-seven, and The first substantial gain the Republic was the concession land at various foreign ports for the erection residences for the Consuls, do my essay cheap offices, warehouses, hospitals, and hospitals. Between the year and the end the century resident Florentine Maritime Consuls had been appointed at Alexandria, Naples, Majorca, Constantinople, in Cyprus, and away the shores the distant Black Sea, and in Persia, India, and China.

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To each these high officials were attached Chancellors, cheap custom essay writing services Purveyors, Interpreters, Inspectors all kinds, and clerks, and quite a numerous body-guard men-at-arms.

In short, miniature Florences sprang everywhere, and claimed, and obtained, equal rights, privileges, and honours as were accorded the mother city.

The expenses these establishments were borne freight resume writing services prices dues cargoes entering and leaving port. Pisa was the most accessible port in Tuscany, and she was well worth all the sacrifices which the wars with her brave and industrious inhabitants cost the men Florence. She had a Consul all herself, who ranked as the chief magistrate a great maritime Guild, academic ghostwriting services or University, in connection with Calimala merchants the capital city.

The bulk the raw wool imported the Woollen Manufacturers, and the foreign cloth consigned Calimala was landed her quays, and despatched thence Florence, or the several depots established at Prato, Empoli, Volterra, and It impossible say exactly when the Florentine merchants and venturers i need help with dissertation first turned their attention the acquisition maritime facilities.

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Probably the successes the Pisans, the Genoese, and the Venetians, opened their eyes the possibilities before them. Naturally the three cities did all they could impede the rivalry their inland sister, and probably, had not their own internal dissensions played such an important part in their commercial prosperity, they would have succeeded in Apparently the first actual step taken Florence acquire seaboard rights was, when Pisa granted free import and export Florentine merchandise. The treaty that year was the ground-work the many disputes between the rival cities which led the ultimate downfall Pisa.

For many a long year however Florentine merchants were content make use, hire, the ships maritime States. Rosso Bazzaccari, a ship-master Pisa, lent his fine new vessel the San Pietro Nasico Nassi, a merchant Florence, transport from Porto Pisano two hundred mule loads The power Florence was great that the people Pisa, wishing maintain good relations, sent an embassy the Florentine Government.

The ambassadors took with them great opaque glass bottles what purported rich white Vernacera wine way presents but they were found full gold Many treaties were made with Pisa for the benefit Florentine transport trade. These were all more or less favourable, although the Pisans did not hesitate tax Florentine goods when and how suited them.

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Florence was placed upon the same footing as Pisa, and her merchandise was relieved all restrictions.

In the port Talamone was acquired from the Sienese, in consequence Pisa's reversion taxation, and the Florentine merchants hired fourteen war galleys protect their trade from the Genoese and Pisans. The capture Pisa gave Florence possession the whole seaboard Tuscany. Two other ports were acquired Florence in the early part the fifteenth century Porto Venere, a small harbour in the Gulf Genoa, for the sum eight thousand four hundred gold florins as a check Genoese trade and Livorno Leghorn in for one hundred thousand gold florins. In Set Consoli del Mare Six Maritime Consuls were elected over and above the trade Consuls already established at Pisa. All six resided at Pisa till, when three were stationed in Florence. Their duties were in the main similar those the Consuls the Guilds. In fact the sea and its navigation were annexed the Republic Florence and were enrolled among The three Consuls at Pisa were occupied mainly as follows To watch all the commerce the Port. To encourage traders and navigators use that Port.

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