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The stamp duty upon the probate a will, or upon letters administration, based upon the sworn or declared value all the estate and effects, real, personal, and mixed, undiminished the debts the estate for or in respect which such probate or letters are applied for.

When the property belonging the estate a person deceased, lies under different jurisdictions and becomes necessary talie out letters in two or more placts, the letters should stamped according the value all the property, real, personal, and mixed, for or in respect whioh the particular letters in each case Letters bonis non should stamped according the amount property remaining administered upon thereunder, regardless the stamps upon the original letters. A mere copy an instrument not subject stamp duty unless a certified one, in which case a five-cent stamp should affixed the certificate the personal statement service medical school person attesting but when an instrument Is executed and issued in duplicate, triplicate,as in the case a lease two or more parts, each part has the same legal effect as the other, and each should stamped dissertation printing aB Lettebs. the law requireB postage all letters including those foreign cotmtries when prepaid, excepting those written the President or Vice President, or members Congress, or official business the chiefs the executive departments the Government, and the heads bureaux and chief clerks, and others summarizing and paraphrasing invested with the franking privilege, prepaid stamps or stamped envelopes, prepayment in money being prohibited. All drop-letters must prepaid.

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The rate postage drop-letters, at offices where free delivery carrier established, two cents per half ounce or fraction a half ounce at offices where such free delivery not established the rate one The single rate postage all domestic mail letters throughout the United States, three cents per half ounce, with an additional rate three cents for each additional half ounce or fraction a half ounce. The ten cent Pacific rate abolished.

To and from Canada and New Brunswick cents per half ounce, irrespective custom term paper writing service distance. To and from design technology coursework other British North european Provinces, for distance not over, miles, cents. Over, cents. For every additional half ounce, or fraction a half ounce, an additional rate charged. Prepayment optional all letters for the British North european Provinces except Newfoundland, which prepayment compulsory. Newspapebs, etc. Letter postage charged all handbills, circulars, or other printed matter which shall contain Daguerreotypes, when sent in the mail, are charged with letter postage Photographs cards, paper, and other flexible material, not in cases, can sent at the same rate as miscellaneous printed matter, need help with thesis statement two cents for each four otmces Photograph Albums are chargeable with book postage four cents for each four Newspaper Postase.

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Postage daily papers subscribers when prepaid quarterly or yearly in advance, help with thesis writing either at the mailing office or office delivery, per quarter three months, cts.

help with english writing six times week, per quarter cts. for trrweeky, per quarter cts.

for semrweekly, per quarter cts. for weekly, per quarter Weekly newspapers one copy only sent the publisher actual subscribers within the county where printed and published, Postage jier quarter paid quarterly or fearlyin advance newspapers and periodicals Issued less frequently than once a week, eent actual subscribers in any part the European Union Semimonthly, not over, cts. over and not over, cts. over and not over, cts. monthly, not over, Seta over and not over, cts. over and not over, cts. quarterly not over, cent over and not over, cts. over and not over Teansibmt Matteb.

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