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No animal suffering from disease shall allowed drink.

Swallows shall not interfered with, and frogs shall not. No one shall allowed spin tops in the streets, and boys shall whipped for throwing stones at fish in the river. The hours work course varied from time time, and were different in the several industries.

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From dawn dusk was, as elsewhere, the rule, with breaks for food and rest.

There were not more than two hundred and seventy-five working homework help persuasive writing days in the year, assignment writing service can someone write my paper for me australia for hospital Festivals and other holidays consumed the remainder.

Clocks were not common in old Florence and only well-to-do people carried watches, consequently the time day was regulated the striking bells.

Perhaps the earliest record a public clock dated March, which day the big clock the Palazzo Vecchio struck the hours for the first time. The first bell used mark the flight the busy help with argumentative thesis hours was that hung in the Campanile the ancient hospital Santa Maria Ughi, which was situated in the Piazza delle Cipolli, just behind the Palazzo custom papers writing Strozzi. Every afternoon at three o'clock sundry strokes told workmen cease from their toil.

This early hour was due the fact that in winter at dusk, the city gates were closed alike egress as entry, for many labourers lived in the There a legend an attractive flower and herb-seller called Berta, who left essay writing services reviews a sum money the hospital Santa Maria Maggiore, that at four o'clock a supplemental bell should rung, winter and summer, indicate the completion the day's paid labour. This bell was called La Trecca the Fruiterer's bell, and, from its shape, La Cavolaia gentle cabbage ! The first Grand Duke, Cosimo I.

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transferred the functions the workmen's bell the big bell the Duomo, and directed rung at half-past three daily the year round.

The bell the Bargello went the name La doctorra from the name the town whence was taken the Florentines in.

This bell tolled every evening warn loyal citizens lay aside their arms and withdraw themselves indoors. To this custom was due another name, La Campana delle Armi Cosimo I.

ordered that any servant found idling in the streets, or hanging about for want work, at the evening tolling this bell, should have his right hand amputated ! At all public executions La doctorra tolled during the progress the condemned On the succession Alessandro de Medici the place his fathers, May I, Florence became the capital a Duchy. By his order La Campana was taken down and broken in pieces, lest its sound should awaken echoes lost freedom ! The last knell tolled October, and marked the close an eventful strenuous life. The liberties a free people, and a free parliament were buried in the grave the Republic. IT seems, at first sight, somewhat an anachronism include a Guild legal and professional persons among the Trade Corporations the Republic Florence. Although the members the Guild Judges and Notaries were in no sense men business, strictly called, their functions were absolutely necessary the prosecution the industries and the commerce the artisans and merchants around them. On the other hand, the judicial system Florence was built mainly upon the requirements trade, the interests which were paramount cambridge essay service in the political constitutions the city and its Extraordinary characteristics the Florentines the Middle Ages were their love equity and reverence for justice, and their administration persons and councils without bias or partiality. Throughout the whole history Florence nothing more remarkable than the frequency and regularity with which the aid individuals and powers wholly external the purposes in view was evoked. The most notable example this offered in the selection foreigners fill the highest office in the State that Podesta. It was considered, quite rightly, that a stranger would likely bring bear upon all questions submitted his judgment a mind absolutely free from all leanings one side The application this principle was looked for the pioneers the industrial and commercial activities Florence, in the settlement all matters relating trade and traders.

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