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It said one the ?.ourts, that inherent and plenary power in the state wdrdi enables prohibit all things hurtful the comfort and welfare society.

All laws.

says another court, for the protection lives, limbs, health and quiet the person, and for the security all property within the state, fall within this order a paper online held that, under the general police power the state, persons and property are subject all kinds restraints and burdens, in order secure the general comfort, health and prosperity the state, the perfect right the state which no juestion ever was, upou acknowledged general principles, ever can made far as natural persons are concerned. In speaking this power, was said by this Court in HocLett State. Ind, rd Rep.

that extends the protection lives, limbs, health, comfort and convenience, as well as the property, all persons within the state. It authorizes the Legislature prescribe the mode and manner in which every one may use his own as not injure another, and whatever necessary promote the public welfare, not inconsistent with its The practice medicine and surgery a vocation that very nearly concerns the comfort, health and life every person in the laud.

Physicians and surgeons have committed their care the most important interests, and an almost imperious necessity that only persons possessing.skill and knowledge should permitted practice medicine and surgery. The rule requiring physicians possess learning and skill a very ancient one. This rule the common law has been incorporated in many the state statutes and these statutes have always been upheld.

The statute Minnesota very similar ours and was held valid in State State Medical Association,i Minn. A the court saying In the profession medicine, as in that the law, great the necessity for special lualitication help writing a thesis statement and injurious the consequences that are likely result from want that the power the Legislature prescribe such reasonable conditions as are calculated exclude from the profession those who are unfitted discharge its duties can not doubted. The power accept or reject an application for license under the statute not a judicial one, although may involve some exercise discretion. If an exercise discretion constituted a clerk a judicial officer then would such in every case in which issued thesis writer a writ, tiled a paper or approved a bond, for all these acts involve some exercise discretionary power.

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It the purpose the statute prevent persons who not possess the ueces ary qualiticatious practice medicine or surgery from iutlicting injury upou the citizens uudertakiug treat diseases, wounds and injuries.

It the plain intention the statute keep out the professions medicine ancT surgery all who not possess learning and skill suffieient enable them properly discharge the duties incumbent upon members those honorable professions, and courts have no right create an exception which will defeat that intention. It immaterial whether the person who best article writing services undertakes treat diseases or wounds does for hire or not, for unless qualified as the statute requires, must not undertake the treatment diseases or wounds at all.

Essay paper writing services

The courts can not divide professional persons into classes and assert that one class within the law, and the other not, for the law applies all who assume the responsible duty treating the sick, wounded or injured citizens, as well as those who expect compensation for their services as thosewho not. The great object the law allow none but skilled and learned persons attempt exercise functions and duties which require knowledge and skill, and not material whether reward paid or promised, or the services are rendered without compensation or the promise The state has an interest in the life and health all its citizens, and thelaw under examination was framed, not bestow favors upon a particular profession, but discharge one the highest duties a state, that protecting its citizens from injury and harm. It has been for ages a ruling principle jurisprudence, that regard had for the public welfare the highest law, and that principle here controlling force, for essay writing website reviews few things, if indeed any. are more important than that the health, limbs and lives the citizens should not intrusted the care persons who lack the knowledge and skill requisite enable them render proper medical and surgical treatment the citizens afflicted disease board was about adjourn, until the reg'ular lueetiuj in November, witten char res were received from Thomas assignment writing service australia Brazill against the plaintiff collegre, charjrinsr that was conducted and operated in violation the laws the state and specifying certain particulars. The specifications show a disregard the requirements in every respect except as the per cent graduates. On receipt these charges moved and carried that they placed file and a copy furnished the plaintiff, with notice appear at the next meeting the board and answer Dr. Clark offered the following resolution Resolved, That this board will not issue certificates graduates theIowa Eclectic Medical College, at Des Moines, for session, until the standing said college shall have been determined. Following this action, the board adjourned until the November meeting.

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