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Sometime later two boats were taken from the same squadron New York, passed quarantine, but, though no cases fever had been aboard for some months, the men engaged in remodel ing them in a New York dock were infected with the fever.

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These boats bad not been disinfected the steam process. Other experiments in steam disinfection, which Dr.

Bell has since made in person, were cited, and though there have been some failures attribates them a lack thoronghness in the procenH. Steam heat preferable dry heat, because the former caa used with less damage goods.

The next subject for discussion was Railroads, Sanitary condition depots and stations. Quarantine stations railroads, their position and organization specify for passenger trains, sleeping care, car construction, freight trains, construction trains, Mails, Expreseage. Dr.

Kedzie offered this subject the following resolution The depots and stations railroads and their surroundings shall kept in a sanitary condition, free from all stagnant water and decomposing organic matter the local railroad agent or official shall daily inspect the water-closets, and shall cause the floor, seats and urinals suph water-closets kept clean shall cause the vaults emptied at least every three months, and from the Ist May the Ist November, shall cause tbe privy vaults disinfected every week pouring into every vault a solution twenty flfty pounds sulphate iron or sulphate zinc, or ten fifteen pounds chloride lime. Dr. Kedzie said that fever often germinated custom writing sign in in the North from causes that the resolution does away with. Germs disease from decomposition are carried into the air and then through the air quite a distance.

Research paper for sale online

Cholera propagated in the Dr.

Howard spoke the importanoe railway travel in yellow fever sections.

On his way the fever district last summer, entered a sleeper, in company paraphrasing and summarizing worksheets with other persona, in which was positively assured there had been no fever. Soon afterwards learned that there had been dozens oases aboard the car. When they arrived in Mississippi a map in the car was attacked with the fever. They bundled him in the fever-infected blankets the car, and put him in a fever-infected paper writing service superiorpapers berth. The i need someone to write my assignment engineer was soon attacked and treated in the same way Soon afterwards a lady in the car showed unmistakable symptoms the disease she also was cared for in the same manner. This car, at their destination, was immediately sent back a trip Cincinnati. The doctor cited other instances similar scenes from his own experience. Dr. Kedzie here offered proofreading service online a resolution entitled, Ventilation All railroad cars should at all times well ventilated the freight cars, when loaded, should have barred doors, prevent the free entrance air at all times, whether moving the track or placed upon the sidings the passenger and sleeping cars should provided with automatic ventilators, as secure a rapid change air in the cars at all times. The upholstering all passenger and sleeping cars, including the cushions seats and mattresses sleepers, shall at least twice a week, and in the open air as far as possible, thoroughly whipped and brushed, and the blankets and curtains sleepers shall whipped and sunned thrice weekly. In case infection a car or sleeper, the bedding, mattresses, and all the upholstering shall thoroughly disinfected before permitted again used.

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