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On July.

the following resolution was adopted the Illinois State Board Health.

Besolred, That the phrase medieal colleges in good standing. in the tirst section the Act Regulate the Practice Iedicine, approved June, .

hereby defined conclude only those colleges which shall, after the session, reciuire four years professional study, including any time spent with a preceptor, ami three regular courses lectures, as conditions graduation, and shall otherwise conform the Schedule Mininn Ke uirements heretofore adopted the Board. In accortlance with this resolution, all colleges in good standing with the Board were required exact an attendance three courses lectures in separate years, english essay grammar rewriting services rules all graduates after the session. This requirement was not observed the following named colleges now in existence, in all which students were graduated two courses lectures, and including the year specified in While no mention the fact made in the college announcements, there very little doubt that in several institutions not named above, students were graduated from two courses lectures. The Association european Medical Colleges did not require all students an attendance three courses lectures tAdmitted graduates in dental surgery the third year. Graduated three courses, two which were consecutive. Graduated until four consecutive courses twenty weeks each. tGraduated until students dental and pharmaceutical colleges one full course lectures and an incomplete course.

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Formerly College Physicians and Surgeons.


II Students pay to write a paper dentistry in this Institution, desiring take the medical course after graduating in dentistry, can in o?!e additional year matriculating also in medicine at the beginning their second year course in dentistry.

College Announcement session In the Annual Report the Board, the Secretary took occasion note with chagrin that the Board had been more successful in breaking and suppressing fraudulent institutions already established and in preventing the formation new ones in other states than had in Illinois. At the present date, must stated with still greater chagrin, that the conditions existing have in no manner been improved. While in the Report referred eight active diploma mills in Illinois could named, would an easy task in the present issue demonstrate the active and pernicious existence at least six more, and rove the satisfaction the most skeptical, that the promoters these infamous concerns which, use the words a former Attorney General the State, no good any class people upon earth, excepting grave diggers and undertakers have in their possession legally issued charters the number a dozen or more, which can at any time This, however, can done only mentioning each and every institution concerned need help writing a essay name, a dignity which will not conferred upon diploma mills in the Reports the Illinois State Board Health, while the present Board holds office. It can said in short, and with little doubt the absolute truth the assertion, that every institution in Illinois conferring the degree Doctor tedicine, which not named pages cxliiriv and cxlvii this Report, fraudulent. While the diploma mill industry confined principally Chicago, there are still in Ohio, Massachusetts, New York and Washington a few called colleges which confer the degree Doctor Medicine applicants who have taken home thesis abstracts study or who can show evidence successful practice. Wisconsin at last freed from the disgrace, the Wisconsin Eclectic Medical College being now extinct. This due the efforts the energetic health commissioner Milwaukee, who, with the assistance the postal authorities, persuaded promoter Rutland seek a more congenial climate. Against the leading institution this character in Chicago, the successor the notorious Illinois Health University, proceedings have been instituted the Attorney General the State at the instigation dissertation statistics this Board, and very probable that in a few months the college will cease exist under its present name. The Illinois State Board Health in possession ample proof that the faculty online dissertation writing service this independent dissertation writers institution has, individually and collectively, for many months, conferred the degree Doctor Medicine applicants from all parts the Union, the majority whom areignorant charlatans, and that the only qualifications demanded were the payment the necessary fees and a need help writing my dissertation statement the amount medical ? knowledge possessed. Diplomas were also, in some instances, conferred upon persons in payment for labor performed in The traffic abroad in these legally-chartered-medical-college-diplomas, has diminished little if any during the past five years. This business, however, principally in the hands one Harkins, whose card appear the titles, LL.

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