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Says the court in that case It appears that the appellant was engaged in the practice the profession osteopathy as termed in the briefs that had an otftee where received patients, and that visited patients at their homes that advertised his system and his skill therein, and that professed ability uuderstand and treat human ailments essays writing help intelligently and successfully.

So far as shown his treatment consisted wholly rubbijig and manipulating the affected parts with his hands and lingers aiul flexing aiul moving the limbs the patient in various ways.

It insisted his behalf that because used no medicine or instruments not amenaVjle the statute, which reads Any person shall regarded essay custom as practicing medicine within the meaning this Act who shall treat, operate or escribe for any physical ailment another.

It urged buy custom essay online behalf the appellant that this provision nuist receive a reasonable interpretation and 'treat implies the use medicine or drugs some sort. This not necessary.

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Many the minor operations are effected without the use, instruments mere pressure, extension and flexing. This course implies some knowledge anatomy and some skill. It said cojansel that if the statute reaches this case, must include treatment Turkish baths, massage and the like.

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We think not.

The evidence shows tiiat the appellant claimed competent treat and cure numerous diseases.

He represented liimself as a graduate the new school osteopathy and qualified examine and treat all who might seek his aid. Herein differs from those who give Turkish baths, mas sage and the like.

some to write my paper He professes able diagnose and advise in respect a long list diseases, and furnish discrin inating and ellicient treatment those who may come him, and while may rely wholly upon manipulation, etc.

yet professes have skill and judgment in these methods as properly adapt the treatment each case, giving what appropriate in anunint, and with repetition at such times and such extent as may dictated his nowledge and experience.

Uy his skill in the use his peculiar remedy or uicthods claims competent relieve aud cure various ailments, and therefore mba essay services invites patronage. Medicine the art understanding diseases and curing or relieving themwhen possible. It that branch physics which relates the healing diseases. This art not restricted any particular methods or remedies. These are innumerable, considering what are used and have been discarded. We are opinion the proofs bring appellant within the Act and that liable the penalty imposed dissertation writer in london for practicing medicine without a license. I think the same reasoning applies in the case at bar. A number other questions were raised at the trial,but I consider wholly immaterial whether the Legislature Missouri has declared osteopathy not the practice medicine, because that does dissertation data analysis not bind our Legislature. Nor can I consider here the benefit the defendant may have been the citizens this community which fact I not doubt, or that the medical fraternity are the instigator this prosecution. The Legislature the proper tribunal that should applied in permitting the engaging in any science or art that will benefit humanity but until they or while they have specifically enacted laws the contrary, I simply called upon interpret the law as I find and I can come no other conclusion than that the treatment or manipulation engaged in the defendant requires him take out a license. Having failed has violated the statute.

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