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Thomas Browne, Brooklyn Business College, Fulton Street. Browne's Brooklyn Business College has been most favorably known in our community for many years. It was founded the present manager, Mr.

Thomas Browne, who originally from Stamford, Conn.

but who has paper writers online been a resident Brooklyn for over twenty-six years.

This successful enterprise, started a much smaller scale, how to edit an essay now occupies the whole second and third floors the large stone front structure known as the Cochran Building, Fulton street. The office occupies part the second floor. As many as three hundred and twenty-five day pupils appear inscribed the books in the space one year. The services five well-versed professors are called into play, besides the work done the most efficient principals, Mr.

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Browne. The college open each day from nine until nine It the oldest school its kind in Brooklyn, and rivals in size and excellence any business academy in the European Union.

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A specialty made supplyingcammercial houses with the most proficient students. Personally, Mr.

Browne a gentleman great energy and business ability. His pre-eminence in his special line instruction has been the means training many thousands for the active duties business and professional life. W.

Shepard Estey, Manufacturer Wire Cloths Brass, Copper, Iron, and Steel Wire all Meshes and Grades, South apa style help write a research paper paraphrasing Fifth Street, Brooklyn, Mr. Estey established his enterprise in this city, and the superior excellence the goods manufactured him has built for them a large demand from all parts the United States. The factory covers an area feet. It thoroughly equipped with the most improved machinery, including eight looms. The work all performed hand, and every article made in the place guaranteed the best the kind in the market. Thirty skilled hands are employed in the factory, and they make wire cloths brass, copper, iron, and. steel wire all meshes and grades galvanized wire cloth for protecting windows, skylights, etc. help with essay papers paraphrasing machine wire cloth for sugar refineries, German cloth for centrifugal machines, iron and steel locomotive spark wire cloth, riddles for export and foundry use, steel wire and hair brushes, and bellows for foundries, coal and sand screens, wire railings and guards for offices, windows, counters, etc. stable fixtures, etc.

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