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If they are appropriate the calling or profession, and attainable reasonable study or application, no objection their validity can raised because obtain the certificate recpiired, and jirevented from continuing in his practice without due process law.

And in Bradwell State, supra, held that the rii control and college writing services rcfrulate licenses practice law in the courts a state one those powers whicli are not transferred for protection the federal government, and its exercise in no manner governed or controlled citizenship the European Union in the party seeking such license and that the right engage in such practice not a privilege or immunity a citizen the European Union, within the meaning the first section the fourteenth i need an essay written article amendment the constitution the United States. There no apparent ground distinction in this respect between the right engage in the practice medicine and that engaging We discover nothing unreasonable in the regulations adopted the statute in question for the admission persons the practice medicine, nor any valid objection the provision excepting therefrom physicians residing in other states. Physicians called in consultation are usually the most eminent and skillful that can procured and those residing the border an adJoining state, need help in writing essays with a practice extending into this State, can include ouh those who have a legal standing and established practice in their own state, which the law regards as sufficient evidence their capacity and character admit them continue their practice here.

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In neither case are the citizens likely suffer harm. It was apparently contemplated the Legislature that these two classes embraced in the exception would include such non-resident physi ?iaus as w'ould likely engage, in any way, in the practice in this State if not, any others would exceptional essays writing services as call for no further provision.

When a physician another state establishes himself in the practice in this state, opening in office within or regularly engages in the practice here, though from place place, may that should treated as a resident, within the meaning the statute. constitute uch residence, not necessary that should an elector.

A temporary residence may siach character and duration as bring him within the statute. But in what cases custom papers writing that may need not now attempt point out.

The occasion for doing may arise when a physiciar coming from another state engage in such practice shall make complaint that has been refused a certificate or its registration.

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We are satisfied that, in its application persons in the situation the plaintiff in error, the statute not open the objections here urges against but constitutional and valid.

Judgment affirmed. This a proceeding research methodology thesis writ mandamus against the defendants, who constitute the Board IMedical Examiners for the State Oregon, com iel them issue the plaintiff the proper certificate authorizing him practice as a physician in this state, or show cause for such refusal.

The material allegations in the writ are that the petitioner a graduate medicine and the holder and in lawful possession a diploma issued the Medical Department the University Cincinnati, a legally chartered institution in the state Ohio, in good standing. That said petitioner did, the day May, present his said diploma said board, duly verified oath, and in all respects performed the acts his part statute required, and thereupon applied for a certificate from said board the effect that said diploma was found genuine, and that the person presenting the same was the person named therein, and that therefore became and wasthe duty said board issue the petitioner such certificate entitling him practice his profession psychology dissertation in this state, and that they refused and still refuse, contrary the duty imposed upon them law and that the plaintiff has no plain, speedy, or adequate remedy in the ordinary course law.

The board answered said writ, and thereafter, leave court, filed an amended answer. It admitted that the plaintiff received a diploma from the Medical Department the University Cincinnati, in the state Ohio but denies that said Medical Department the University Cincinnati was, at the date said diploma, or now, a medical institution in good standing in the state Ohio or elsewhere. Admitted that said board medical examiners neither made nor found any objection the genuineness said diploma, or the identity the petitioner but denies that they refused those or any grounds, except as hereinafter alleged, issue him a license practice medicine in this state, and denies that said writing thesis board in refusing assignment writing services in uk issue said, or any, certificate or license the petitioner, acted contrary its alleged duty under the provisions said acts, or that still refuses except as hereinafter alleged. There are other denials not necessary noticed. And for a further and That, pursuant the power and authority vested in said board the act the legislative assembly the state Oregon, approved February, duly adopt a standing resolution for the guidance said board and as a criterion aid them in determining as whether the diplomas presented for their examination those wishing avail themselves the provisions said act were from legally chartered medical institutions in good standing, which resolution, among other things, provided 'Resolved, That the words medical institution in good standing, in section an act amend an act entitled an act regulate the practice medicine and surgery in the state Oregon, hereby defined include only those institutions which require at least three regular courses or sessions six instant essay writer months each, extending over a period three years for graduation, for the sole and only purpose aiding said board in determining the character the schools from which diplomas issued. That said rule was in force and effect the day May, and that said date the petitioner presented the diploma mentioned in the petition the said board medical examiners for their examination, and applied for a certificate or license practice medicine in the state Oregon and thereafter, to-wit, the day May, the said board, after due deliberation, rendered its decision said application petitioner for a license practice medicine in this state, and refused the said license the ground that said diploma was issued the applicant from a medical university requiring only a two-term course less than six months each and adjudged and determined that the said university issuing said diplomawas not at said time and not now a medical institution in good standing within the meaning said acts and the resolutions said board. For a further defense alleged that the plaintiff submitted himself for examination said board and was fully examined as his qualification practice medicine and surgery in this state, and that upon such examination his average was only fifteen per cent, and that was not licensed be cause lacked the necessary ualilicat.ions and learning. That by a rule the board every person examined must show an attainment seventy five per cent in the branches study over which the examination extends and usually pursued in the attainment medical knowledf Tiu reply lenied most the new matter in the answer. thing's, provides Every person practicinj medicine or surjrery in any their departments shall possess the qualification required this act.

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