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It was found the microscope that ihitHii tumors were rich in spindle-shaped cells some them having three prolongations. coursework writing services There was generally only one nucleus in itiu and no pigmept. All the cells were very fragile and tared arranged in rows.

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The intercellular substance in whi !h the cells were closely embedded formed a delicate ?twork distinguished very easily after the preparation was brushed out.

The capsule which the smaller tumors W surrounded consisted long spindle-shaped connective tissuii cells and intercellular substance, in which numerous polyluMlric !lls were edded. The adjacent connective tissue was partly infiltrated spindle-shaped cells. They were probably carried these spots the blood vessels, which As the entire automatic paraphrasing growth was infiltrated, there was good reason suspect that near the newly formed scar there might deposited cells which soon would form malignant tumors. A recurrence the tumor could expected with the more certainty as there had been a greater afflux blood the part operated upon while healing.

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Besides there was much probability that the smaller tumors in the region the nasal eminence were About five weeks after the operation had taken place there were observed symptoms infiltration in the scar. Then Dr. F.

concluded remove not only all the tumors remaining and the newly infiltrated parts, but all the integument which infiltration college papers help might suspected. The extirpated skin had the shape an inverted Y, whose wings were taken from the root the nose.

Moreover, every tissue a suspicious character was taken away the scraper.

The defects thus made were pretty well repaired a union the adjacent integument after lifting subcutaneous dissection and sliding need any help with that paper bag the constructed flaps together.

Only a small triangular space near the inner angle the left eye remained uncovered and had heal urgent essay help granulation.

The patient had after the operation only little fever for a few days. The wound healed nicely in the course four weeks, write a good thesis and the present day, more than one year after the last operation, no recurrence malignant By the microscopic examination the newly removed parts the suspicion was confirmed best college paper writing service that the smaller tumors, as well as the infiltrated scar, consisted sarcomatous cells, formed and arranged like those already described. himself custom writing discount code at the Detroit Medical College elinique. disertation He was a carpenter trade, european birth, married and about thirty-three years old. As his general health stated that had never experienced any severe illness. Fifteen years ago his left eye was destroyed the explosion a gun cap. An ill-fitting artificial eye term paper writing help was applied the stump but after several years the contraction the lids sufficed crowd out. A smaller one was substituted, but last winter this, too, was crowded out. Por a year his right eye has been gradually failing, thiat since last winter has been unable read nights.

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