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In case death in hospitals or ambulances, or naval, colonial help writing a report introduction or civil hospitals, or other public establishments in France, or in the colonies, or in countries under protectorate, the directors, managers, or administrators such hospitals or establishments shall bound give notice the officer civil status, or the person acting as such, within This officer shall there and make certain the death, and shall draw the certificate in conformity with the foregoing article, the declarations which have been made him and according the information which has A register shall kept in said hospitals, ambulances, and establishments, which these declarations and such The officer civil status who has drawn the certifi cate death sliall forward a certified copy thereof the officer civil status the last domicil the decedent as rapidly as possible, and such copy shall forthwith recorded the registers.

When there are signs or indications violent death or other circumstances which give rise suspicion, the burial shall not take place until a police cer has, with the assistance a doctor or a surgeon, drawn an official report the condition the body and the circumstances relating thereto, and all the particulars which has been able gather as the first names, name, age, occupation, place birth, and domicil the decedent.

The police officer shall bound forward at once the officer civil status the place where the person has died all the particulars contained in his official report, and upon which the certificate death shall drawn The officer civil status shall forward a certified copy thereof the officer civil status the domicil the decedent, if known this certified copy shall recorded the registers. The clerks i need someone to write my paper for me the Criminal Courts shall bound forward the officer civil status the place where a person sentenced death has been executed, within twentyfour hours from the execution the sentences ordering capital punishment, all the particulars required article, and according which the certificate death shall. In case death in a prison or a place sohtary confinement or detention, a notice thereof shall at once given the doorkeepers or the wardens the officer civil status, who shall there as directed article, and shall draw the certificate death.

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In all cases violent death or death in prisons or places solitary confinement, or in case capital punishment, such circumstances shall not mentioned the registers, and the certificates death shall simply drawn in the manner directed article.

Amended Law Sth June.

In case death during a sea voyage and under the circumstances provided article, a certificate shall drawn within twenty-four hours and in the presence two witnesses, the officers having power act, named in such article and The filing thesis proposal example and forwarding the originals and the do my paper for me certified copies shall take place in accordance with the provisions contained in professional business letter writing services articles and. The recording certificates death shall made the registers civil status the last domicil the decedent, or if such domicil unknown, in Paris.

Coursework writer uk

Amended Law June. If one or more persons marked the list the crew or being board, either a ship the navy or any other ship, falls overboard and his body not found, an official report disappearance shall drawn the officer filling the duties officer civil status board. This official report shall signed the officer acting in such capacity and the witnesses the accident, and shall entered the The provisions articles and relating the filing and forwarding certificates and certified copies thereof shall apply these official reports. Amended Law June. In case presumption total loss a ship or the disappearance a part the crew or the passengers, and if has not been possible draw tbe official reports disappearance provided the foregoing article, a decision shall rendered the Minister the Navy, after an official investigation conducted without special rules, declaring the presumption loss the ship or the disappearance the whole or part the crew or passengers. Amended Law June.

The declaration presumption death shall made as stated in the foregoing article after an official investigation conducted without special rules the Minister the Navy custome essay with respect all sailors or soldiers who have died in the colonies or in countries under protectorate or during expeditions beyond the seas, when no regular certificate.

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Amended Law June. The Minister the Navy may forward a copy such official reports or decisions the Attorney-Q-eneral the District in which located the Tribunal either the last domicil the decedent or the port registry the ship, or finally the place death, and may direct such magistrate proceed his own accord have the deaths judicially established. Such deaths may established a collective judgment rendered the Tribunal the port registry in case persons having disappeared in the same accident. Amended Law June. The interested parties may also begin proceedings obtain a judicial declaration a death in the manner provided articles, the Code Civil Procedure. In such case the petition shall submitted the Minister the Navy through the instrumentality the Public Prosecutor. Amended Law June. All judgments establishing a death shall recorded at their date upon the registers civil status the last domicil, or if the same unknown, in Paris. 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