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Vinland was the only resource left the adventurous Greenlanders, who could not satisfied with raisinc black cattle in the o-oro their native mountains.

Later in the same century, the Greenland settlements were overwhelmed the Skaelings.

Many the inhabitants must have attempted, and some, no doubt, succeeded, in reaching Vinland. It was, in fact, their only chance escaping the general massacre. If any readers wish better acquainted with the Northmen Iceland and Greenland, essay writer service refer them the charming work Dr. Hayes, entitled The Land Desolation. It this book that are indebted for most need help with my research paper our facts.

We have no proof from documents dating from this period in relation the three voyages Madoc and his companions, but they are community service essay recorded Welsh historians and sung Welsh bards, and they are no means as incredible as the adventures the Eric family, which are authenticated contemporary records still in existence Besides the direct attempts at colonization which have mentioned, may there not have been many others which find no trace in history ? The Northmen who settled in France, who conquered the south Italy, who made their prowess acknowledged in the streets Constantinople, would certainly not have been deterred, fear, from following the lead their cousins Iceland and Greenland. In the valley the Mississippi and its tributaries, find earthworks which the red man can give no account.

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Some were intended for defense, some for worship, some for the resting-place the dead.

The gigantic forest growth that in many places overshadows review of essay writing services them, and which often spring from the decaying trunks trees fallen from gc, prove that they are centuries old.

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Who were the people whose ashes rest under these mounds ? Where did they come from ? Shall say with Topsy, who appears have anticipated the Darwinian theory, that they grew ? A simple explanation, but one which perhaps will not satisfy every one.

The indestructible grave, eloquent in its silence, bears evidence that they were numerous that they once occupied an extensive area country, and that as a nation they were annihilated. Even tradition has lost all memory the death struggle.

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Their only monument the There are circumstances that always have, and always must attend wars extermination. Some the conquered race are absorbed the living wave that passes over them.

Some find a refuge, like the Paduans, who founded Venice, in islands that lie unsuspected in muddy and shallow lakes and bays, or in valleys shut We might question the possibility a dialect being preserved for ages when those who spoke possessed no literature, had not many examples the fact. Eustice tells that some the Cimbri and Teutons, who escaped the sword Marius, took refuge in the neighboring Alps, where their villages were best thesis writing still seen when visited Italy. Their retired position and their insignificance had, for two thousand years, been their protection. They retained the tradition their origin, and their dialect was perfectly intelligible the modern Danes. In the fourth century, the inhabitants Armorica were Gaels, a branch the great Celtic family. A remnant them still found custom essay writing company in the Landes Brittainy. They have never accepted either the language or the civilization France. The gypsies can not tell whence they came, and scarcely whith they are going. During four hundred years the parasites the civihzed world, they have preserved their physiognomy, their habits, and in Spain, even their language.

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