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The enunciations which not relate the clause can only used as a commencement proof. Defeasances only produce effect between the contracting parties they produce no effect against third parties. Of Instruments under Private Signature. An instrument under private signature admitted as binding the person against whom set or lawfully held as such, has, with respect those who have signed their heirs and legal representatives, the same force as a public instrument.

A person against whom an instrument under private signature set bound formally admit or repudiate his handwriting or his signature. His heirs or legal representatives may limit themselves declaring that they not know the handwriting or the signature the principal. In case the party repudiates his writing or signature, and in case his heirs or legal custom essays for sale representatives declare that they not know the same, a verification shall. Instruments under article rewriting service private signature which contain a synallagmatic contract are only valid if they are made in as many originals as there are parties having a distinct One original sufficient for all the persons who have the Each original must contain a statement the numher Nevertheless, the omission mention that the originals have been made in duplicate, triplicate, cannot set the person who has performed his part the contract contained in the instrument. A note or a promise under private signature which a single party binds himself another pay a sum money or an appreciable thing, must wholly written in the hand the person who signs or at least, necessary that, besides his signature, should have written in his own hand Good for, or Approved, with the sum or the quantity the thing written out in full Except in case the instrument emanates from traders, workmen, farm labourers, vine-dressers, labourers hired the day, and servants.

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When the sum expressed in the body the instrument different from the one mentioned after the words Good for, the obligation only presumed for the smaller amount, even if the instrument and the words Good for, are written entirely essay 123 help in the hand the person who has bound himselfj unless established which side.

Instruments under private signature only have a date with respect third parties from the day upon which they have been recorded, from the day the death the person or one the persons who have signed them, or from the day their contents are set down in instruments drawn pubKc officers, such as official reports the affixing seals or the making inventories. The books merchants shall not taken as proof against persons who are not traders for the articles therein mentioned, with the exception what stated with.

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The books merchants shall held as proof against themselves, but the person who wishes derive an advantage from them cannot divide them as the contents which may in opposition his claim. Books and private papers not constitute a title for those who have written them. They are proof i will pay you to write my paper against them. In all cases in which they formally recite a payment received. When they contain the express statement that the entry has been made take the place an instrument for the benefit the person in favour whom they recite an obligation.

What has been written a creditor at the end, in the margin, or upon the back an instrument which has always remained in his possession constitutes a proof, although has not signed or dated the same, whenever such writing tends show that the debtor has been re The same rule applies what has been written i need to write an essay about myself the creditor the back, or in the margin, or at the end the duplicate an instrument or a receipt, provided such duplicate in the hands the debtor.

Tallies which agree with each other are proof among people who are in the habit thus counting the articles which they furnish or receive retail. Of Copies Instruments. Copies, when the original instrument exists, are only a proof what contained in the instrument, the production which can always demanded. When the original instrument no longer exists, copies are proof with the following distinctions. Exemplified copies or first certified copies have the same weight as the original copies which have been made order a Judge, the parties being present or having been duly summoned, or those which have been made in the presence the essay custom writing parties and their mutual consent, have. Copies which have been made from the original instrument the notary who has received or one his successors, or public officers who, in such capacity, are the keepers the originals, but without the order the Judge or the consent the parties, and since the exemplified copies or first certified copies have been delivered, can, in case loss the original, have the same weight when they They are considered as being old when they date more If they date less than thirty years back they can only used as commencement written proof. When the copies taken from the original an instrument deposited with a notary have not been made the notary who received the instrument or one his successors or public officers who, in such capacity, are the keepers the originals, such copies can only used, however old they may as commencement written proof.

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