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Such increase in distance should, course, adequately compensated increase The only way overcome the application essay help handicap the inverse square law with any degree effectiveness in the case radium burying the radiation units in the tissues and increasing the number those units.

This may accomplished inserting into the tissue tubes radium emanation which are allowed remain in place either temporarily or permanently.

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However, because the short and rapidly decreasing period activity radium emanation, and because the necessity leaving in place the small glass containers, but particularly because the intense necrosis produced around such unfiltered radiation elements, report writing help the use buried emanation, while undoubtedly great value in many cases, will probably gradually replaced, at least some extent, the use radium needles containing a definite quantity radium salt stable activity.

These needles, with varying degrees and qualities filtration, aid in avoiding some the tissue necrosis occurring around an unfiltered glass emanation unit. Such necrosis definite and complete within a zone, the extent which proportionate the radium content the The question filtration becoming more and more important.

We know that the rays from a roentgen ray tube or from a radio-active substance, such as radium or its emanation products, are not digital dissertations homogeneous, that they are not made rays one wavelength.

On the contrary, such rays help with writing a essay are extremely heterogeneous, being composed a mixture rays all wavelengths. The longer, being easily absorbed or weak in penetrating power, not pass beyond the first layers tissue cells, while the rays shorter wave-lengths penetrate deeper and deeper into the tissues.

This complex character roentgen rays and radium rays, which their unequal absorbability due, constitutes another major limitation in efficient therapy radiation, a limitation almost as great in its effects as the inverse square law. Such limitation may minimized a considerable degree filtration. In treating a malignant tumor with roentgen rays, attack must generally made through the skin or mucous membrane, both which are xtremely sensitive so-called soft rays, or rays long wave-length. This fact has brought grief many radiologists in the past, and still occasionally are reminded that the skin will withstand only a limited degree insult.

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By adequate filtration, wave-lengths least injurious the tegument can selected. In other words, the softer rays are absorbed the filter which prevents them from injuring the skin or mucous membrane. Another very important point accomplished, namely, an increase in the homogeneity the effective radiation, or rather a decrease in its heterogeneity. The doctoral thesis database situation with regard radium ment.

Although something can acis quite different.

!f wish treat a complished in this direction, the very lesion external application must limitation in the acuity our senses use heavy primary and secondary filtration in order avoid serious burns. One millimeter platinum or its equivalent will filter out all the and the less penetratmg portion the Y rays. Two or three millimeters rubber will eliminate the secondary rays generated the primary radiation in the metal used as a filter. If wish attack a lesion burying in radium or its emanation, filtration may not necessary, especially in tumors relatively small size. Around each unit radium or its emanation placed, there occurs destruction in the form necrosis need help with essays which may more or less extensive according the dosage. Beyond this zone necrosis, the tissue constituents which act as a filter, a so-called selective effect obtained. The tissue adjoining th? radio-active substance filters cut the softer, less penetrating rays, which the necrotic effect due, and the effect that portion the help with writing essays at university radiation which has gone through this zone unabsorbed then depends the radio-sensitiveness the tissue cells outside that zone. When buried emanation used the zone destruction greater because nearly all the and radiation passes out the glass tube whereas with platinum needles, or other filters relatively high density which allow the escape only the more penetrating portion the and radiation, the zone destruction more limited.

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