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Administration the Community and Effects Acts the Husband or Wife with respect Conjugal. The husband has the sole management community property.

He can sell, convey, and mortgage without the cooperation the wife. He cannot dispose inter vivos the real estate belonging the community, nor the whole or part the personal property, without consideration, unless for the establishment children the marriage. Nevertheless, may dispose, without consideration and specifically, tbe personal property in favour all persons, provided does not retain the usufruct for himself.

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A donation mortis causd made the husband cannot exceed his share the community. If has given in this manner a thing belonging the community, the donee can only claim the thing in kind owing the result a division, falls the share the husband's heirs if the thing does not fall the share such heirs, the legatee entitled the repayment the whole value the thing given out the share the husband's heirs in the community and out the individual property such husband.

The fines imposed upon the husband for a crime which does not occasion buy term papers online civil death, can enforced against community property, subject the indemnity due the wife those imposed upon the wife can only collected from the individual property which she has the fuU ownership, long as the community lasts.

Sentences passed upon the husband or wife for a crime occasioning civil death, can only enforced against his or her share the community, and his or her individual.

The acts performed the wife without purchase term papers essays the husband's consent, and even with the authority the Court, not affect community property unless she has acted as a public trader, and for the purposes her trade. Awife cannot bind herself, nor bind the community property, even get her husband out prison, or for the establishment her children in case her husband's absence, without being authorized the Court. A husband has the management all the individual property the wife.

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He can institute alone all personal and possessory actions He cannot convey his wife's individual real estate without He responsible for all damages the individual property the wife caused his omission take proper measures preservation. Civil deatk was abolisted the law May.

Leases made the Imsband alone for property belonging the wife for a time exceeding nine years are, in case dissolution the community, only binding upon the wife or her heirs for the time which remains run, either the first period nine years, if the parties are still within the same, or the second, and that the lessee only has the right complete the time tenancy period nine years in which. Leases for nine years. or less which the husband alone has executed or renewed for property his wife more than three years before the expiration the running lease in case country property, and more than two years before the same time in case house property, shall void unless they have commenced run previously the dissolution the community.

A wife who binds buy research papers herself jointly with her husband for matters the community, or relating the husband, with respect him, only presumed have bound herself as surety she must indemnified for the obligation which she has assumed. A husband who guarantees, jointly and severally or otherwise, a sale made the wife some her individual real estate, has likewise a remedy against her if attacked, either upon her share the community or upon her individual property. If real estate belonging the husband or wife has been sold, or if land burdens relating a tenement belonging individually one them have been redeemed in cash, and the price thereof has been paid the community without any part being re-invested, such price shall taken out the community for the benefit the husband or wife who was owner, either the real estate sold or the burdens redeemed. The re-investment supposed have been made with respect the husband, whenever upon a purchase has declared that has been paid for with the monies coming from the sale real estate which belonged him individually, cheap write my essay and that such purchase stand as a reinvestment for his benefit. A declaration the husband that the purchase made with the monies coming from a sale real estate made the wife, and a investment cheap custom essay for her benefit, not sufficient if such re-investment has not been formally accepted the wife if she has not accepted she simply has the right upon the dissolution the community the repayment the price her real estate. The repayment the price real estate belonging the husband only taken out the assets the community the repayment the price real estate belonging the wife taken out the individual property the husband in case the community property insufficient. In all cases the repayment only made the basis the sale, whatever allegations may made concerning the value the real estate sold. Whenever a sum taken out the community pay the individual debts or charges the husband or wife, such as the price or part the price individual real estate, or the redemption land burdens or the recovery, preservation, or improvement his or her individual property, and generally whenever the husband or wife has derived a personal benefit from property belonging the community, or she owes the repayment thereof.

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