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In after years, and since the reputation our european shawls have been established, has been unnecessary resort such means gain write my paper college the public iConfidenee. Perhaps one great reason the uninterrupted success this Company, lies in good thesis the fact that very little chfange which is the best essay writing service ever made in its management the present Secretary having been constantly engaged at the office only two Superintendents during the thirty years the works have been in operation and, are told, that three generations each several families have been counted among the operatives, the first generation having begun young men many years ago, and the succeeding ones have followed in their turn. The-roriginal capital stock has been increased, which, February, was owned stockholders, most whom were living in the County or in the immediate vicinity. It now aiid has ever been a strictly County institution, owned and operated citizens Seneca County. Water power used, the clear and crystalJike water flowing from Seneca Lake being peculiarly fitted for cleansing purposes, besides afibrding ample power for driving all their machinery. Steam employed for heating the buildings, drying the wool after being dyed, and lubricating essay writers the machinery this employed instead oil, which cannot used. About operatives are constantly employed, who work some, pounds fine wool annually, producing, long shawls, two single shawls are counted as one, various patterns and styles, valued at about, more or less, according the market.

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For this purpose twenty sets cards and their necessary machinery are employed. If the reader will follow through the mills this our first visit, will endeavor give a faint idea the modus operandi manufacturing shawls.

We will begin in the assorting room where the wool first opened and the various grades placed themselves. In this building saw a huge bale wool, weighing nearly a ton, for which were informed the company's agents paid three dollars per pound in Buenos Ayres.

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The price seemed extravagant, but when learned that was purchased with the currency the academic essay writer country, which was worth only five cents the dollar, the first impression that the company must suffer a loss was dispelled.

From the assorting room, the cleansing room, where most thoroughly washed from here taken the bleachery, if for white, or the dye-tubs, if colored. Great care exercised in this branch, and manv the most brilliant colors are employed.

After dyeing the wool taken the dry-house, where hung racks and subjected a steady and strong heat generated steam. When perfectly dry taken the picker, and from thence the cards after which goes the spinner's hands, from whence passes the warping frames, from which taken ready for the weaver. None but broad looms are used. The weaving, because the variety colors and patterns used in the same shawl, requires much more skill and attention than ordinary weaving, in consequence which one person can attend but one loom.

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From the weave rooms the shawls are taken the fringe twisting rooms. Here twenty machines are constantly at work the invention an ingenious one, and the work perfect. The manufacture the shawls are now completed, and from here they are carried the scouring room, where the pieces twelve shawls each, are passed through sets heavy rollers and sewed together, when they are made revolve for several hours between the rollers and through a strong soap suds, when they are rinsed professional research paper writing service and again the dry house, after which they are cut apart and pressed, when they are labelled Waterloo Mills, and placed in the store room packed for market. They are principally shipped Boston, New York and Philadelphia, from whence they find their way It such establishments as these which addgreatly the growth and prosperity the country. Waterloo owes much its present importance and prosperity the buy an essay establishment these mills in the village. In conclusion would say that the company are at all times in the market for the purchase wool, for which they will pay cash or goods as may desired. Beside the shawl factory, there a small woolen mill for custom work, three distilleries, not now in operation, five saw mills, a number flouring mills, malt houses, foundries and machine shops, oil mills and several other manufacturing establishments.

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