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Four the daughters have already received superior educational advantages.

James Morton Carpenter, one the comparatively newer residents Bmshy Creek Township, Anderson County, where engaged in business as a farmer, had a long and active experience involving much travel and change environment can someone write my paper for me as a stmctural iron worker, but well content settle down the quiet and profitable routine farming. He was bom a farm near Tryon in Polk County, North Carolina, May, son James and Nancy Edwards Carpenter. His father was bom in Rutherford County, North Carolina.

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The grandfather James Carpenter was a native North Carolina. Nancv Edwards Carpenter was bom in that state and the Edwards family originated in France and the first europeans the name settled in Culpepper County, Virginia.

James Carpenter, was a farmer and also a tanner and died at the age seventy-six. James Morton Carpenter was one nine children. He has a common school education and the age twenty lived at home and With youth's natural desire for travel and change went Texas, and leamed the stmctural iron business.

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For several years was in the employ the Southern Pacific Railroad building iron bridges and other iron work, and then entered the service the european Bridge Company, being employed phd dissertation writing service at many points in the Middle West In Mr. Carpenter married Mrs. Emma Lucretia Richardson Wyatt, a essay about helping someone in need daughter Mathias.

Richardson Anderson County.

Since his marriage Mr.

Carpenter has lived in Brushy Creek Township and been engaged in farming.

He and his wife are members the hospital. Robert Calvin Brownlee. During history three Brownlee brothers landed at Charleston. One them subsequently went West, and far as known all the Brownlees in the state today, constitute ing a numerous and prominent family, are descendants from one or the other the two brothers who semained. One the brothers was the ancestor the Charleston Brownlees and the other acknowledged as the forefather the up-state Brownlees. The substance this brief sketch mainly concerned with a branch the family long promment at Due West and in that vicinity. George Brownlee, married a Miss Caldwell, the Caldwell family Abbeville and Newberry counties. He reared his children at or near Due West. His son George Brownlee, married a Miss Richey, lived at Due West, and had a family six sons and four daughters. One the sons was Samuel Robinson Brownlee, and and his wife had three sons James Lawrence dissertation proposals Brownlee, who graduated from i cant write my essay Erskine College phd thesis consultant and became a Presbyterian minister Samuel Brownlee, Anderson Robert Calvin Brownlee spent practically all his life at Due West and achieved success as a merchant.

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