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Like the rest its congeners, small-pox, measles, scarlet fever, etc.

has its course run, which does uninfluenced as duration any appliances, help me write a thesis statement external or internal, with which are acquainted. We know no means, after the poison has been received into the system, which can destroyed and the disease aborted. The cure for diphtheria yet discovered, and whoever discovers let his statue built alongside that Jenner, and inferior only his in height. Will the reniedy, when found, a prophylactic like vaccination in small-pox, or a specific custom buying a research paper for college essay writing service toronto like quinia in ague ? The equally unavailing plans treatment that have been recommended and tried for the relief the disease, are too numerous pass in review here. The efforts some practitioners are mainly directed toward the throat symptoms, believing that the malady has a local origin there that the infection the system secondary and caused the absorption septic products. Holding this view, they apply caustics the throat destroy and remove the false membrane, hoping, thereby, arrest the progress the complaint.

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Others believe that the disease constitutional in its inception, the throat symptoms being its local manifestation, and consequently, not see any good in cauterising the throat.

It important that as soon as possible, buy a research paper this disputed point should settled, for if the local origin theory true, ought able, an early and vigorous use disinfectants, prevent the later general infection.

At present, the evidence seems decidedly against the doctrine local origin, but that does not necessarily invalidate the use local applications the throat ail. It true, that if the throat trouble a symptom the constitutional disease, cannot cure that disease appliances the throat trouble, since the internal malady could not thereby influenced but still, the pertinent paper writer online inquiry Why, then, use them ? can give an answer that probably rational in favor the practice.

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The diphtheritic membrane a parasitic growth, and in its contiguity the laryngeal opening lies one the principal sources danger the danger the closing that orifice the parasitic If can find a germicide or cellicide that will kill the vegetation as fast as sprouts, may save the larynx from invasion and the patient from death croup, in a case where nature capable carrying him top online resume writing services past the remaining dangers the malady.

Sulphur a remedy highly recommended from several quarters fill this indication.

It used sufflation.

Permanganate potash another good application for this purpose. Evidence collected during the recent fatal epidemic academic writing services jobs in Paris goes prove that the chlorate, although an old remedy, What about counter irritants their use advised or deprecated? There a wide discrepancy opinion this point, and there are not really facts enough which base a decision. It possible that they may afford some relief in cases where interstitial effusion exists. The idea that they can control the course the disease too preposterous discussed. If any revulsion recommended, vesicants, like flies or croton oil, that cause deep congestion the parts below, had better not tried but something that works no deeper than the skin. Such an application a flannel rag wet with keroseiie, dissertation assistance writing and worn till the skin breaks out into pimples. The great and important thing in the treatment diphtheria, if the theory constitutional origin true, find the constitutional remedy something that will follow the poison the disease into the animal fluids, and neutralize or kill there, as the salts quinia the poison marsh malaria. Why should not try sulphur, especially such as hold the germ theory, since such an effective germicide ? With this intention, should given as early as possible and as fast and in as great quantity as the stomach research papers writing help and bowels would tolerate. The writer, impressed with the fact that there must exist in the atmosphere some disinfectant that soon destroys the virus every contagious disease, has, in common with others, thought that this agent was the ozone. It may that this opinion oiieous, and that the sulphurous acid Sulphur very soon permeates the whole system, after being taken into the stomach, as may proved observing how a silver coin in the pocket blackened the insensible perspiration during its internal use. It may worth our while, if unhappily meet a malignant epidemic, try sulphur.

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