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Schmitz in his discussion stated that unless there was an active decrease in the total number corpuscles there DY removing the spring clamps holding the gauze pad, also the knob, from the inner blade a Corwin tonsil hemostat, enlarging the hole in the inner blade fit the peg a thirty oval radium plaque, and placing a rubber cot over the radium and inner blade the writers made a practical device for holding radium against the tonsil. Metatarsophalangeal Fractures, With Alfred academic essay services Bolduc, Industrial Hygiene, April.

AFTER several years study foot injuries, the x-ray the only certain method ascertaining the existence or non-existence metatarsophalangeal fractures, and all foot injuries should radiographed. The fractures found in this series were, in order frequency, chip fractures, proximal phalanx fractures, metatarsal fractures. In comminuted fractures the distal phalanges, surgical treatment indicated, conservative treatment being little avail. End results are good if The Early Diagnosis and Treatment Hyperthyroidism. Emil Goetsch, THIS fairly comprehensive article hyperthyroidism, custom coursework outlines the early symptoms, the pathological changes, clinical tests, including, course, the medical, x-ray and surgical headings.

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The x-ray treatment commended as a pre-operative method in a limited method treatment per The article rightly emphasizes the difficulties and dangers both x-ray and surgical methods treatment, and insists that, in either instance, these cases can only handled those with particular Hyperthyroidism. By Israel Bram, THIS article, which immediately fol lows the one Goetsch, illustrates the wide diversity opinion in regard thyroid conditions, and justifies the radiologist in holding his own opinions and treating thyroid conditions as himself thinks best. Bram concludes his argument for purely medical handling thyroids the statement Of witness, as ground for permitting leading questions.

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Whenever you have gone take a serious look at the exhibition of works sculpture and painting, such as has been since the revolution, have you not been seized a sense uneasiness, weariness, sadness, at the sight those long and over-crowded galleries? Since, the true Salon no longer exists. The Louvre has again been taken assault, this time a populace artists who In other days, when the Salon presented only the choicest works of art, conferred the highest honor the creations there exhibited. Among the two hundred best essay writing services selected paintings, the public could still choose a crown was awarded the masterpiece hands unseen.

Eager, impassioned discussions arose about some picture.

The abuse showered Delacroix, Ingres, contributed no less their fame than the praises and fanaticism their adherents.

To-day, neither custom writings review the crowd nor the criticism grows impassioned about the products that bazaar. Forced make the selection for itself, which in former days the examining jury made for the attention the public soon wearied and the exhibition closes. Before the year the pictures admitted never went beyond the first two columns the long gallery the old masters but in that year, best buy research paper the great astonishment the public, they filled the whole space. Historical, high-art, genre paintings, easel pictures, landscapes, flowers, animals, and water- colors, these eight specialties could surely not offer more than twenty pictures in one year worthy the eyes the public, which, indeed, cannot give its attention a greater number such works. The more the number artists increases, the more careful and exacting the jury admission ought The true character the Salon was lost as soon as spread along the galleries. The Salon should have remained within fixed limits of inflexible proportions, where each distinct specialty could show its masterpieces only. An experience ten years has shown the excellence the former institution. Now, instead a tournament, have a mob instead custom research paper writers a noble exhibition, have a tumultuous bazaar instead a choice selection have a chaotic What the result? A great artist swamped. Decamps Turkish Cafe, Children at a Fountain, Joseph, and The Torture, would have redounded far more his credit if the four pictures had been exhibited in the great Salon with the hundred good pictures that year, than his twenty pictures could, among three thousand others, jumbled together By some strange contradiction, ever since the doors are open every one there has been much talk unknown and unrecognized genius. When, twelve years earlier, Ingres Courtesan, and that Sigalon, the Medusa Gericault, the Massacre Scio Delacroix, the Baptism Henri IV.

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