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Fortune, they say, a fickle dame fall her freaks and caprices who blindly distributes her favors without the slightest discrimination.

So inconstant, wavering she represented, that her most faithful votaries can place no reliance her promises. Disappointment, they tell the lot those who make offerings at her shrine. Now, all this Is a vile slander Although wealth often appears the result mere accident, or a fortunate concurrence favorable cirbumstances without any exertion skill or foresight, yet any man sound health and unimpaired urind may become wealthy, university assignment writing help if takes the proper steps. Foremost in the list requisites are honesty and strict integrity in every transaction life.

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Let a man have the reputation o£ being fair and upright in his dealings, and will possess the confidence who know him. Without these qualities every other merit will prove unavailing. Ask concerning a man, Is active and capable? Yes.

Industrious, temperate and regular in his habits ? Oh yes.

Is honest? Is trustworthy? Why, as that, I sorry say that IS not trusted needs watching a little tricky, and will take an undue advantage, if can. Then I will have nothing with him, will the in variable reply. Why, then, honesty the best policy Because, without It, you will get a bad name, and everybody will shun A character i need help with an essay for knavery will prove an insurmountable obstacle success online dissertation in inmost every undertaking. It will found that the straight line in business, as in geometry, the shortest. In a word, almost impossible for a dishonest man acquire wealth a regular process business, because shunned as a depredator upon society. Needy men are apt dissertation writing services illegal deviate iVom the rule integrity, under the plea that cessity knows no law they might as well add that knows no shame. The course suicidal, and destroying all confidence, ever keeps them immured in poverty, although they may possess purchase a research paper every other quality for success In the world.

Buy papers for college online

Punctuality, which said the soul business, another important element in the art money getting.

The man known scrupulously esact in the fulfillment his engagements, gains the confidence all, and may command all the means can use with advantage whereas, a man careless and regardless his promises in money matters will have every purse closed against him. Therefore Next, let consider the advantages a cautious circumspection in our intercourse with the world. Slowness belief and a proper distrust are essential success. The credulous and confiding are ever the dupes knaves and impostors. Ask those who have lost their property how happened, and you will find in most cases that has been owing misplaced confidence. One has lost endorsing another crediting, another false representations all which a little more foresight and a little more distrust would have prevented. In the at fairs this world men are not saved Judge men what they not what they say. Believe in looks rather than'words.

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