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It in that form that facts have been handed down from past generations commemorate some great deed, immortalize some great name, or enshrine the memory some valued dead one laid away forever that the monuments the Old as well as those the New World have been erected tell the story or mark the spot.

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A leading headquarters for monumental work all kinds in the city Brooklyn the steam granite and marble works Mr. William Kay, located Twenty-fifth street, near Fourth avenue, with a branch at Twentieth street, near Ninth avenue, South Brooklyn. There no form monument, headstone, write my book report or tablet in either granite or marble, but can here supplied at short notice, and in design and execution unsurpassed any contemporary establishment.

The premises occupied the business comprise a yard feet in size and a wellequipped workshop, provided with steam power, and give employment some eighteen hands. It needless use words convey an idea the quality work executed here, must suffice say that perfection its standard, and nothing allowed leave the establishment which not as near perfection as good taste and the best skill can make As evidence the fine workmanship which characterizes the productions this house special mention should made the granite monument fourteen feet in height, costing, Court Street. Mr. Mercein Thomas, architect and superintendent, how to write a dissertation though a young man, has already gone through a long course practical experience and training in the wide field architecture. He recognized as a thoroughly representative member the distinctive european write my essay canada school architecture, and has solved the complex problem how best utilize help writing college papers the minimum building space with the maximum accommodation and beauty design. Mr. Thomas has devoted himself his profession with a conscientious regard for the excellence and perfection every detail, and has well merited the reputation permanently attained him.

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Proofs Mr.

Thomas talent are numerous throughout Brooklyn and its vicinity, embodying, both in extent and elegance, the advanced ideas city adornment, as well as utility and excellence construction. design coursework One the most remarkable these edifices just completed Mr. Thomas the splendid Dime Savings Bank Court street, built Kentucky limestone, combining every modern practical improvement with the most symmetrical and novel adaptation recognized architectural principles. Mr.

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Thomas has likewise latterly designed and built the magnificent mansions removed him Brooklyn, since which date.has built a permanent and influential patronage from the trade. The manufacturing premises are spacious, and are equipped with all modern appliances and machinery.

Forty experienced and expert operatives are help with writing dissertation employed, and a thirtyhorse power steam engine utilized drive the machinery.

Mr. Schade manufactures extensively silver-plated ware, cutlery, etc. which are unrivaled for quality, elegance, reliability, and excellence the specialties any similar first-class house in this country or Europe. All orders are promptly filled at the lowest possible prices, while large quantities this beautiful silver-plated ware are exported Europe, the West Indies, South America, and Australia. Mr. Schade has an intimate knowledge the requirements the trade, and ever maintains that high standard excellence for which his goods have become celebrated.

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