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Eeal estate acquired during the marriage way exchange for real estate belonging the husband or wife does not form part the community, and subrogated the place and stead the real estate which has been conveyed, subject compensation if there a balance due.

A purchase made during the marriage, at public sale or otherwise, a part some real estate which the husband.

or wife was the joint owner does not constitute an acquest but the community shall receive an indemnity for the sum which has expended upon such In case the husband becomes the purchaser or highest bidder, alone and in his own name, a portion or the whole real estate belonging jointly the wife, the latter at thesis template the dissolution the community may at her choice either abandon the property the community, which community then becomes the debtor the wife for the portion the price due her, or take the real estate and reimburse the purchase price the community. Of the Liabilities the Community and the Actions resulting therefrom against the Community.

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The liabilities the community consist.

all the personal debts which the husband and wife owed at the time the celebration their marriage or with which the successions coming them during the marriage are burdened, subject compensation for all debts relating real estate belonging individually either the. The debts contracted the husband during the community or the wife with the consent the husband, as well with respect the principal as interest and income.

subject compensation in the cases in wHch takes.

The revenues and arrears the annuities only, or the liabilities which are personal both the husband and.

The repairs real estate which does not form part the community and due account a usufruct. The expenses support the husband or wife, the education and maintenance the children, and all other charges resulting from the marriage.

The community only liable for the personal debts contracted the wife previously the marriage, if they result from an official instrument which has been made before the marriage or which has received a positive date before that time, either registration or the death one or more the subscribers the said instrument. A creditor the wife virtue an instrument which has no positive date previously the marriage can only proceed against her for payment upon her individual real A husband who claims have paid a debt this kind for his wife cannot ask her or her heirs repay him therefor. The debts successions purely personal which come the husband and wife during the marriage shall all paid out the community. The debts a succession purely real estate which comes the husband or wife during the marriage shall not paid out the community, subject nevertheless the right which best essay writer belongs the creditors pro ceed against the real estate the succession obtain Nevertheless, if the succession comes the husband, the creditors may proceed obtain payment either against all the individual property the husband or even against the property the community but in the latter case compensation due the wife or her heirs.

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If a succession purely real estate help with speech writing comes the wife and she has accepted with the consent her husband, the creditors the succession may proceed recover payment against all the individual property the wife but if the succession has only been accepted the wife with the authority the Court upon the refusal the husband, the creditors, in case the real estate the succession insufficient, best freelance content writing websites can only proceed against the individual property the wife owned absolutely. When the succession coming the husband or wife partly personal and partly real estate, the debts with which encumbered shall only paid out the community the extent the portion which the personal property should contribute towards the payment debts according the value such personal property when compared with the value the real estate. This proportionate part fixed according the inventor which the husband must cause drawn either for his own account, if the succession concerns him personally, or as directing and authorizing his wife's acts in case the. If there no inventory, and in all cases in which the absence an inventory prejudicial the wife, she or her heirs may, upon the dissolution the community, proceed recover the repayments lawfully due, and may even prove the nature and the value the personal property not inventoried, as well private documents and papers as witnesses, and if necessary common repute. A husband never allowed make such proof. The provisions article not prevent the creditors a succession which partly personal property and partly real estate from proceeding recover payments out the property the community, whether the estate has come the husband or whether has come the wife, when the latter has accepted with the consent the husband all which subject the repayments The same rule applies if the succession has only been accepted the wife with the authority the Court, and if nevertheless the personal property has been mixed with the property the community without any previous inventory. If the succession has been accepted the wife, only with the authority the Court upon the refusal the husband, and if an inventory has been made, the creditors can only proceed recover payment against the property, personal or real, the said succession, and in case insufficiency against the other individual property which the wife owns absolutely. The rules established in article apply the debts in connection with a donation as well as those. Creditors can proceed recover payment the debts which the wife has contracted with the husband's essay service review consent, as well against all the community property as against the property the husband or wife subject the compensation due the community or the indemnity due the husband. All debts which have been contracted the wife, only virtue a general or special power attorney from the husband, shall paid the community and the creditor cannot proceed recover payment either against the wife or against her personal property.

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