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F. Greenland, Cocoa Mats and Mattings, Gold Street. The manufacture cocoa mats and matting has late years developed large proportions, stimulated mla research paper for sale an active demand all over the country for fresh triumphs coursework writing service european ingenuity, and the superiority both in finish, reliability, and perfection recently manufactured cocoa and jute fibre specialties.

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Much the credit for the prosperous condition this interest in phd online Brooklyn due the reliable and representative house Mr. Greenland, whose office and factory are situated Gold street. This business was established Mr. Greenland, who conducted at Kosciusko street and Boerum place until, when in consequence rapidly increasing trade removed his present eligible location. The premises occupied comprise a spacious two-story brick building feet in dimensions, writing editing services with an iron-clad store feet in area attached. The factory supplied with all modern appliances and machinery necessary for the systematic and economical conduct the business. An eighty-horse power steam engine utilized drive the machinery.

Homework help persuasive writing

The special feature this particular work being the firmness and hardness the braid, which admits a staple being used for fastening, thereby superseding the old and badly made hand-sewed mats. This particular work, together with other improvements in the other branches are covered four different patents.

One hundred and twenty operatives are employed in the various departments. Mr.

Greenland manufactures extensively cocoa mats and matting every description, which are unsurpassed for quality, finish, durability, and excellence those any other first-class establishment. Mr. Greenland has long been well and favorably known in the trade for his probity and just business methods, as well coursework in english as for the superiority his productions. Mr. Greenland makes a specially metal fastened skeleton mat for railway cars, made Napier or cocoa yarn.

These mats have been adopted the principal railroads throughout the country. They are largely used for halls, theatres, steamboats, which use they are specially adapted. The entire output this establishment controlled Sloane. The Singer Manufacturing Company, Manufacturers the celebrated Singer Sewing-Machines, Fulton Street and Graham Avenue. Prominent in the manufacturing world, and unrivaled in its branch trade, the widely known and celebrated Singer Manufacturing Company, whose salesroom and general office for Long Island located Fulton street, Brooklyn, with a branch at Graham avenue, This company was incorporated in, and now has a working capital. Its success has been phenomenal in fact, its machines have no equals for durability, reliability, simplicity, and excellence, and are the embodiments mechanical workmanship the highest order perfection.

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