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Seneca Falls, the Seneca River, near the center the town, an important village, inhabitants, according dissertation coaching the census, and a station and the Seneca Canal.

The materials for the present sketch its history have been drawn mainly online dissertation writing from a history Seneca Falls, written Mr.

Henry Stowell, about the year. This town was the first made white settlers in the extensive wilderness reaching from Whitestown, Utica, the Niagara, and was called the Indians, Sha-se-onse, running or swift water, from the rapidity with which the river current runs.

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Job Smith, who came from Ulster County, was the first settler, and located the Flats, just below the subsequent site Col. Mynderse's upper Red Mill, being the first one settle what was then known as the Military Tract.

Smith appears have been a roving, unsettled character, and, withal, not over-scrupulous regarding the principles honesty and fair dealing. Indeed, said that was a fugitive from the law, and had purposely hid among the Indians escape the hand justice.

He came via the Mohawk and Seneca Rivers, subsisting corn, pounded in an old-fashioned mortar, need help writing scholarship essay together with wild game from the forest and salmon fipom the help with dissertation writing river, both which were then abundant.

A traveler, who, with a party, passing the custom written research papers river, was him assisted over the Falls, represented him as living alone, owning a yoke oxen, and carrying a small traffic with the Indians.

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In transporting the party around the Falls, used a cart, the wheels which were sawed entire from logs. Smith did not remain long at the Falls, but soon moved the locality Waterloo, where married a Miss Gorham, and afterward returned his old site.

Neither did remain long this time, but soon decamped, and was not dissertation binding service seen again in that vicinity till, when compelled attend court as a witness in several important land suits then pending.

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In, Gen. Sullivan's army, coming the Susquehanna, passed down the eastern shore Seneca Lake, through this County, carrying destruction the Indian villages, and dismay the hearts the unfortunate and unhappy red men. On the return from the Genesee Country, when the army had reached the present site Geneva, Major Gansevort was detached, with men, march through the country the Cayugas, Onohdagas and Oneidas, direct Albany. After parting with Gen. Sullivan, Major Gansevort encamped the first seo copywriting services night at Seneca Falls, near the north bank cheapest custom writing the river, and was particularly impressed with the fertility the soil, the vast water power, and the beautiful scenery. In the detachment commanded Major Gansevort was Lawrence Van Cleef, a veteran the Revolution, who, in the spring, returned the Falls, located the Flats, near Job Smith, where built a double log house, the first built there, and became the first permanent settler. After building his house, planted corn upon the Flats, but was annoyed the Indians as render his eflbrts cultivate the soil at that thesis publishing time difficult and almost abortive. He was finally successful in bringing about amicable buy a philosophy paper relations with his troublesome neighbors, and from that time continued prosper. In the fall, Van Cleef brought his family from Albany, and, during the following year, in company with Job Smith, procured a team and truck, making the latter themselves.

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