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however, passed into the hands the Sisters St. Joseph, which the building has its name. It under the management the Sisters St. Joseph and under the patronage the the Brooklyn diocese.

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The lady superior Mother Teresa, and the look misha i need your help we have to write an essay about sister directress Sister Aloysia.

The academy in a very healty location and very commodious. It stands within its own grounds, which are four acres in extent, and which contain education thesis a fine play lawn, water fountain, green houses, etc.

The building brick and four stories high. It feet in dimensions, and a wing extends a depth feet.

It proposed erect shortly another wing, as provide accommodations for one hundred more pupils.

buy college paper online There are ten spacious admission essay editing service class-rooms, a music hall for entertainments, etc.

and capable seating five hundred persons, and a chapel feet in dimensions.

The ceiling this sanctuary feet high, and the edifice, which finely embellished, contains a splendid organ J ardine and a marble altar which cost.

The chapel, which one the finest its kind in the country, has a seating capacity for five hundred.

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All the scholars have separate beds, and can supplied with private rooms if desired.

There are now one hundred and fifty pupils. Fifty sisters are engaged in the educational work the establishment. The course instruction consists three grades, primary, grammar, and graduating. The musical department under the direction Sister Mary Louis, who bears an unequaled reputation throughout the country. Extra studies comprise music, instrumental, piano, organ, and harp, vocal music, drawing and painting, plain and ornamental needle work, wax and hair work, and modern language. One the pupils the oil painting, crayon, and water color class received an award from the Queen's County Agricultural Society. Pupils all denominations are received, and while the utmost care taken in the religious instruction the children Catholic parents, there no interference with the children those a different belief. For the sake good discipline all are required present at the public exercises. There a liberal table, the instruction thorough and practical, and the institution i need help doing a research paper one worthy every encouragement. LeffertS Burtis, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Teas, Coffees, Spices, and Fine Groceries, Main Street, Flushing.

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