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His death was as remarkable as that Hardwick, which somewhat resembled.

He was attended his physician for some ailment which neither nor his friends considered an alarming character.

It was not long before was pronounced convalescent. His medical attendant took leave him, saying I will not here to-morrow.

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custom essays no plagiarism You can send for if you want Early the next morninor received a messag come immediately. On his arrival at Montgomery Place found Jones dressed and examining papers.

I want you, said, assist in putting papers in order.

I have not twenty-four hours live. Nonsense you were doing well last night. Your pulse stronger to-day. However, you are right put your papers in order. Of course I will help you.

Jones then told him that the previous night dissertation writing assistance the Banshee had cried three times at intervals under his window, and each time the cry had been three times repeated.

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Whenever, added, a death occurs in family, the Banshee gives warning in this way. The physician remained with him the greater part the day. When rose depart, Jones said, Are you going leave me? He replied, Why not? You are doing extremely well.

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Get that superstitious notion out The next morning William Jones was dead. Had had the companionship a judicious friend, who would have administered restoratives when they were needed, no doubt would have lived. It was an adventurous and cruel Banshee who had followed her victim far. A long time afterwards a young lady who was staying with i need help with my coursework Mrs. Montg-omery, showed some rehictance when she found that she was occupy the apartment help with writing in which Jones had died. Mrs, Montgomery said her, What are you afraid proofreading online child ? You are a Yankee the Banshee will not come after you. Jones was an The most touching incident in the old age writing help Mrs. Montgomery was the removal the remains her soldier from Montreal New York, forty-three years after she had parted from him at Saratoga. Much as the honors paid his memory must have gratified her, the emotions they excited were jiiore than she could bear.

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