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On April l!, !. the board health adopted a rule prescribing certain conditions upon which medical students might admitted the lecture course, and requiring the secretary the Vtoard notify all medical colleges that said rule would into effect February. and the day online proofreading tool ctober, said board passed another resolu tion, requiring all medical colleges in the State Missouri report the board January, a list all their freshmen class, sessions and, with the qualifications which they were admitted the school. In order make all the resolutions adopted the board apply alike all medical colleges in the European Union, said board, said day October. further resolved that, as a further condition the recognition any medical college as being in good standing, the college shall furnish the secretary the State Board Health or before January every year, a complete list all its matriculates, together with the basis upon which such applicant matriculated, giving the name the institution from which a degree or certificate graduation was obtained, or the name the state official conducting the examination, or the college previously attended, together with the date when the degree or certificate was issued this last sworn the executive officer the college, and attested the secretary under the seal the college. On the day January, the board health passed another resolution, instructing its secretary refuse registrar tion the diplomas any medical college which had not complied with the conditions imposed upon colleges the resolution, above quoted, October, and published in the Missouri Sanitarian the month November next following.

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At the same time was further ordered that copies the Sanitarian, in which all the proceedings the board were from time time published, sent all the medical colleges in the European Union.

It was.

shown the secretary the board that sent copies the Missouri Sanitarian, containing all said resolutions, all the medical colleges in the United States, including that which relator was a graduate but did not state when or how they were sent, whether mail orotherwise.


Lutz,a resident the city Louis, and president the board, testified that in the latter part October, far as could recollect, sent a printed notice the requirements the board, in aproperly sealed envelope every medical college in the European Union, setting forth the requirements the board, and calling their attention them, but that the Physio-Medical College Indiana had not complied with the requirements the board, and had not sent them a list its matriculates, nor informed them in any way that would comply with the requirements the board concerning the qualifications students, or those who are about begin the study medicine. On the other hand, Dr. Bedford testified that had been secretary the faculty the Physio-Medical College foranutnber years, perhaps as many as or, and, as such, receiver all such communications addressed the college, and that at no tinae prior was there received the college, or him as secretary its faculty, any communication from the State Board Health Missouri, pertaining the methods work or requirements said college. That the Jrth day June, received through the The envelope and the printed minimum requirements contained therein were introduced in evidence. City, On the reverse side bears the stamp the post office at Indianapolis, Ind. which shows that reached there at, June.

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It will thus seen that while the evidence the part the respondentstended show that the notice was sent the secretary and the president the State Board Health the Physio-Medical College, at Indianapolis, Ind. in, the witnesses testified from memory only, and were indefinite as the exact time, though Dr.

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Lutz stated that thought was in the latter part October that year. research paper thesis On the part the relator have the positive statements the secretary the faculty the medical college that no such notice was received that institution, blog content writing services or himself as secretary, until the day June, In corroboration his statements there were produced in court, and introduced in evidence, the identical notice and envelope in which was inclosed, the envelope bearing the marks and letters before ITnder these need help with writing paper circumstances think the decided weight the evidence was in favor the relator and the notice was not sent said college until June, essay writing helper !, and relator, having therefore graduated, was in no way affected the failure the college comply with said rules. While the return the Alternative writ alleged the help essay prompts that the medical board refused grant rehator the certificate applied free dissertation help for, the grounds that the medical college was not food standing, and because declined submit an examination the oard as provided for section, Rsv. !J, with respect applicants for certiticates practice medicine persons who are not graduates, all material facts stated in the return were traversed relator, and as no reply was filed thereto or issue taken thereon respondents, demurrer or otherwise, as roiiuired statute section J i, J, the allegations in the plea relator the return, in which was alleged that the certificate was refused because a non-compliance the medical college with the rules the state board, must taken as confessed. Moreover, the evidence plainly showed that the certificate was refused upon that ground, and the refusal the relator submit an examination the board, touching his qualifications. The president the State Board Health, Dr. Lutz, testified that found the name the Physio-Medical College record in the list colleges furnished the Illinois State Board Health, and that said list considered standard in the European Union.

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