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As soon as thought himself able fly his own wings, Fougeres took a studio in the best essay review services upper part the rue des Martyrs, where began delve his way. He made his first appearance.

The first picture presented the jury the Exhibition at the Louvre represented a village wedding rather laboriously copied from Greuze's picture. It was rejected. When Fougeres heard the fatal decision, did not fall into one best essay writing company those fits epileptic self-love which strong natures give themselves and which sometimes end in challenges sent the director or the secretary the Museum, or even threats assassination. Fougeres quietly fetched his canvas, wrapped paying someone to write a paper in a handkerchief, and brought home, vowing in his heart that would still make himself a great painter. He placed his picture the easel, and went one his former masters, education thesis a man of immense talent, to Schinner, a kind and patient artist, whose triumph at that year's Salon was complete. Fougeres asked him come and criticise the rejected work. The great painter left everything and went at once. When poor Fougeres had placed the work before him Schinner, after a glance, pressed Fougeres hand.

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You are a fine fellow, said you've a heart gold, and I must not deceive you. Listen you are fulfilling all the promises you essay help college made in the studios. When you find such things as that at the tip your brush, good Fougeres, you had better leave colors with Brullon, and not essay writer generator take the canvas others. Go home early, put your cotton night-cap, and in bed nine o'clock. The next morning early to some government office, ask for a place, and give art. My dear friend, said Fougeres, picture already condemned it not a verdict that I want you, but the cause that verdict.

Well essay about community service you paint gray and sombre you see nature being a crape veil your drawing heavy, pasty your composition a medley Greuze, who only redeemed his defects the qualities which you lack. While detailing these faults the picture Schinner saw Fougeres' face deep an expression sadness that carried him off to dinner and tried console him.

The next morning at seven o'clock Fougeres was at his easel working over the rejected picture warmed the colors made the corrections suggested Schinner, touched his figures.

Then, disgusted with such patching, carried the picture Elie Magus. Elie Magus, a sort Dutch-Flemish-Belgian, had three reasons essay writing service law for being what became, rich and avaricious. writing essays services Coming last from Bordeaux, was just starting in Paris, selling old pictures and living the boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle. Fougeres, who relied his palette to the baker's, bravely ate bread and nuts, or bread and milk, or bread and cherries, or bread and cheese, according the seasons. Elie Magus, whom Pierre offered his first picture, eyed for some time and then gave him fifteen francs. With fifteen francs a year coming in, and a thousand francs for expenses, said Fougeres, smiling, a man will fast and far.

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