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Wright then proposed the following resolutions Resolvedy That the Secretary and hereby instructed communicate the National Board Health and all local boards health in the Mississippi Valley a copy the regulations adopted this Association, with the request that the same enforced far as practicable and as existing laws will permit, the end that uniformity action may secured.

Resolved, That the members this Association hereby pledge themselves use every effort, especially petitions Congress and State Legislatures, secure necessary enactments when existing laws are not sufficient enable health boards carry out the provisions recommended. Dr.

Kedzie research paper writers in india then coursework help moved that there embodied in the series propositions adopted the following During the existence an epidemic yellow fever the freight-cars, after unloading, shall thoroughly cleansed scrubbing and sprinkling with carbolic acid, or fumigated and A plan the arrangement which had sometime ago been referred a committee was then adopted, securing co-operation between the National Board Health, the Sanitary Council the Mississippi Valley, and the european Public Health Association in collating knowledge the actual sanitary condition every write my essay for money city in the European Union, particularly in the dissertation research proposal help Southwestern States along the Mississippi River. It designated ascertain as far as possible everything that will tend affect the sanitary condition, what is thesis in writing whether for good or evil, the various cities the systems sewerage, the condition vaults and the dissertation paper disposition that made refuse matter, and from these data compile the best sanitary regulations and correct existing abuse. After adopting these measures the National Board Health adjourned meet in convention at Nashville the November. From this not understood that the National Board Health has help in writing literally adjourned until that date they will, the other hand, hold session during the entire summer. The stenographic report the debates and the proceedings at this, the Atlanta convention, will written out, and, together with the propositions reported the Board the Sanitary Council, will thoroughly discussed. From these discussions will ascertained, as far as possible, the best sanitary measures for the prevention as well as the eradication epidemics these results, when obtained, will furnished local and State summarizing and paraphrasing powerpoint sanitary bodies.

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Then, the November, the Board will again meet in Nashville, there hold a conference similar the one just held in Atlanta, with leading sanitarians invited from every quarter the Union.

paraphrasing quiz Should the Board obtain an appropriation six hundred and fifty thousand dollars from Congress, as they desire, they would enabled themselves put into effect the results their deliberations but with their present means they can only accumulate knowledge, deduce sanitary measures from and refer them local and State authorities put into effect.

The Sanitary Council the Mississippi Valley and the european Health Association have agreed meet in Nashville, For facts, etc. are largely indebted the reports printed in the Constitution Atlanta.

european Medical Editors Annual Meetinsr This gathering took place in Atlanta, May The representatives fourteen medical journals were present.

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The President's address, Dr. Brodie, was in the main a presentation his views upon medical journalism, its history, scope and duty. In general seo writing service the address may said characteristic its distinguished author. He declared that the adver tisementR patent medicines in medical journals should regarded as a violation the code ethics, and recommended that an expression opinion this point obtained from the european Medical Association. The address was quite freely discussed. Then a conference followed upon some methods for enlivening the annual meetings the Association. This Establishment the largest its kind in Central New York. Alayge and complete assortment all kinds Furniture constantly kept hand. The following First, Thoroughness. This quality manifest not only as the wdrkmanship the articles offered for sale, but also with regard the completeness with which every branch the business represented.

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