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Much depends, however, the choice eligibly situated and strictly firstclass property, while there buy research paper no plagiarism no safeguard better than that the sound judgment and practical experience one our reliable and responsible real estate houses. Prominent among the representative firms thus referred that Haviland Sons, whose offices in Brooklyn are located at Fulton street, corner Greene and Classon avenues, and Court street.

This business was established, the acting copartners being Augustus and Edward W. Haviland, both whom bring great practical experience bear and an intimate knowledge the value real estate in every section Brooklyn and its vicinity. They have established connections a strictly first-class character, being commissioned many wealthy capitalists and propertyowners effect the disposal choice avenue and other roved properties. Haviland Sons transact a general real estate business, buying, selling, exchanging, renting, etc.

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negotiate loans bond and mortgage, and effect insurance in first-classcompanies at lowest rates.


Augustus Haviland, the senior partner, one our reliable counselors-at-law, and combining the law business and real estate agency secures patrons such protection as they have a right expect when intrusting real property brokers. The past has demonstrated that no firm in the city has the confidence the community a greater marketing writer degree, or more successful in academic writing service phd effecting sales for owners, making purchases for investors, or renting stores and houses. Mr.

Augustus Haviland a native New York, while his son, Mr. Edward Haviland, was born at Davenport, Iowa. In commercial circles they enjoy the highest confidence and are recognized as honorable F.

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Bnell, Hardware, Cutlery, Tools, Housefurnishing Goods, Fulton Street.

Prominent among the well-known houses in Brooklyn that Mr. Buell. Mr.

Buell, who a native the State Connecticut, but who has been a citizen Brooklyn how to find someone to write my paper since, established the business buy an essay cheap in January the present year and has a fine record honorable dealing where can i buy resume paper and built a large trade. The premises occupied consist a fine, spacious, bid writing services neatly fitted store, having a front and a depth feet. It well filled with a choice assorted stock builders hardware and shelf goods and cutlery, mechanics and farmers tools, and everything in the line housefurnishing goods standard quality, which able sell at as moderate prices as can obtained in any other house in the same line trade in the city. Mr. Buell a business man experience, prompt fulfill representations in every detail, and his well-directed efforts phd dissertation has established a trade which has just cause proud. He an active, energetic young man, and held in high estimation in both commercial and near Franklin, Brooklyn, Of the great staple commodities entering into general consumption there perhaps not one which attaches such website that helps thesis editing you write an essay interest or importance as coal, and only in the nature tilings, therefore, that the handling and sale this useful and virtually indispensable mineral should constitute a very substantial branch commercial activity in every centre trade. One the leading and best known concerns engaged in this line in the Eastern District Brooklyn that Mr.

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