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The pulse full, as noticed in cases acute quinsy, whereas in true diphtheria small and feeble, indicating great prostration.

It presents characters dissimilar from those exhibited cases scarlet fever, without the rash, from which does not confer an immunity. It may prevail in a district where no true diphtheria known. Its average duration about ten days. It essentially a filth disease, being always associated with some organic impurity air or organic impurity water.

Overcrowding, saturation soil around dwellings with slop-water, and employment pond water for drinking purposes, are the most common insanitary assignments writing services conditions found in connection with infected houses. Early Phthisis Its Treatment. Milner Fothergill essay on helping the poor and needy The Practitioner, makes some common-sense suggestions respecting the treatment early phthisis.

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Attention stomach and bowels scarcely less essential in importance than the treatment night sweats.

Truthfully may stated that more important study the tongue than over the chest with the stethoscope.

The latter may exhibit the physician's skill in diagnosis the former, as attended or not, may save or lose the patient's life. When the tongue covered with thick fur, useless, or nearly give iron and codliver oil for the tongue the indicator the state the intestinal canal, and absorption through the thick layer dead epithelial cells well nigh impossible. essay on community service In this state, well give cheap essays writing service a compound calomel and colocynth pill every second night, and order a mixture nitro-hydrochloric acid or phosphoric acid, with infusion cinchona, three times a day, till the tongue clears. At other times, the tongue raw, bare, and denuded epithelium.

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Here cardinal importance put the patient a mixture bismuth with an alkali and a milk dietary. Often milk and seltzer water will need help writing my thesis agree where the milk alone too heavy and constipating. When the tongue has become normal, then iron and cod-liver oil may administered.

All drains from the alimentary canal must carefully checked. In the early stages phthisis, diarrhoea readily checked a pill half a grain sulphate iron and one grain extract opium. As a drink, rice-water indicated in such states. In women, menorrhagia and leucorrhoea should most carefully looked for and stopped. The significance haemoptysis depends upon its casual relationships, and its true treatment founded upon a correct appreciation its concomitants and associations. Blistering and strapping the chest are useful expedients in a certain number cases. Large, well-ventilated rooms are indispensable. Diet must nutritious and easily assimilable.

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