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This very useful railroad built entirely iron, simple in construction, cheap, and indestructible, and can used for any desired rail or gauge. The company furnishes immediately estimates for portable iron railroad and cars, and likewise produces in a superior manner LindeloFs purchase psychology research paper patent steam road-roller, which the best in the market. The steam-engines and machinery the Pioneer Iron Works are highly esteemed the trade for their superior workmanship, quality materials, finish, efficiency, and general excellence, essay writing service legal and are absolutely unsurpassed in America or Europe.

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phd dissertations Fulton Street.

Unquestionably one the most popular and successful carpet houses in Brooklyn that Campbell Josten. Although organized as late as, the firm has developed a very large and profitable patronage. The partners in the enterprise, Campbell and L. Josten, have had a long practical phd proposal writing service custom essay services experience in the carpet industry, and are thoroughly conversant with the require ingrain carpets, Turkish and Smyrna rugs, mats, oil-cloths, mattings, and a full line window curtains. These productions are displayed in every grade, and comprehend a wonderful variety in pattern and style.

The firm deal heavily in imported goods, and many tempting and brilliant specimens are dealt in that can found in no similar house in Brooklyn. Campbell Josten employ ample capital, and their resources are such that they are always able quote the lowest prices known the market.

Mla research paper for sale


Campbell a native Nova Scotia, and Mr. Josten Germany. Towns Eder, Wholesale Druggists and Importers, Fulton and Doughty Streets.

paraphrasing service This a leading and representative house in a branch trade that has acquired great volume help writing a thesis statement for a research paper and importance in this city, owing largely her peculiarly favorable situation for the collection supplies and the shipment goods the various points demand. Towns Eder established themselves in Brooklyn in July, and the business has increased with such rapidity that larger facilities will soon required meet the growing pressure upon the resources the firm.

The individual members are Frank Towns and George Eder, both gentlemen mature experience, recognized ability, and eminently well equipped for the successful conduct an extensive i need help writing an essay business.

The premises occupied comprise two floors, feet each, with a commodious basement The stock embraces drugs, chemicals, family and proprietary medicines, wines and liquors for medicinal purposes, essences, extracts, druggists sundries, and a complete list everything pertinent the assortments kept in a well-ordered establishment its kind. Catalogues the buy accounting research paper supplies kept are printed from time time and distributed the trade. Towns Eder import from the best European and other sources. Ample capital buy a history research paper invested, and inducements the most superior character are held out customers. Both members the firm take an active part in pushing the business, and their effective methods have been instrumental in placing the concern a permanent and substantial basis. The house reliable and responsible, and stands foremost among the establishments in its line. and North Ninth Street, Brooklyn, Few branches manufacturing industry demand closer knowledge the wants the trade insure successful results than the manufacture crinoline linings.

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