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To prevent contraband and protect Florentine merchandise.

To prepare the way for commercial treaties with other cities and states. To examine all bills lading and ships business papers.

To inspect the crews, and supervise the wages paid need help with term paper out.

To inspect the vessels, and undertake repairs. To keep accurate custom essay service ledger The three Consuls resident in Florence were required I. To receive and file reports from Pisa.

To furnish every sort shipping information, which they were required post in the loggia the Mercato Nuovo and in other public best essay services places. To approve the appointment, or the reverse, all men named for foreign consulates. To receive complaints and suits in respect marine matters, and adjudicate thereupon. To make representations the Council write my report State in cases requiring official The Sea Consuls settled thesis statement help research coursework writing services paper the number the crew each vessel who can write my thesis for me and its armament, and appointed the officers but relatives the Consuls could not enrolled. Vessels taking the Eastern route sailed usually in September, those the west in February. Fifteen days before their departure public notice was posted.

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Merchants, skippers, and crew, were permitted reside at Pisa fifteen days before departure and ten days after arrival, but no Contracts with seafaring-men were drawn the Maritime Consuls.

Sometimes they loaned galleys at a monthly, or yearly, rental, order custom essay reserving certain rights and extorting certain conditions. For example, Domenico Dolfini a galleon was consigned for five years, condition that made five voyages annually, freighted his vessel with gold, silver, wax, and some thousand pieces Florentine made cloth, and discharged his Both at Pisa and in Florence the Maritime Consuls were charged help with research paper with numberless responsibilities outside their technical authority.

I need help writing a personal statement

For example, at Pisa, the three Consuls performed the functions the old city magistrates, and had the superintendence the forests, fisheries, etc. in the neighbourhood online writing help for college students the city, and the export executive resume writing services toronto native grown corn, together with the duties the drainage and cultivation the land. The Arte del Mare was an immediate and immense success. In the year its initiation six guardships were completed in the Port Livorno which had been declared a free port for Florentine merchandise. Through her Maritime Consuls Florence encouraged foreign workmen settle at Pisa and Livorno, and at her minor ports, who were masters shipbuilding. To each man was granted a gold florin a month for the space two years with free quarters for ten years. Shipwrights and caulkers were exempt from all taxes for a period twenty years. Four broad beamed galleons Galee Mercato, and six shallow bottoms Fuste, were put the stocks forthwith, and one each was launched month month. The timber came from the Forests Cerbaie in Tuscany, which were declared State property, and the Mugnone saw-mills were erected at the The cost this first Florentine mercantile fleet was charged upon the revenues the Corte Mercansia, Tribunal or Chamber Commerce, whereof one hundred thousand gold florins were set apart each month.

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