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Thus, the operation multiplication may done in full as In this calculation and are really useless figures that may sacrificed without affecting the accuracy the result. This multiplication may abridged, as the following method Write the multiplicand. Reverse the order the figures in the multiplier and write them directly below those the multiplicand.

Multiply as usual, excepting that the first right-hand figure each partial product obtained multiplying the figure the multiplicand the one directly below in the multiplier, entally adding anything which should carried from the multiplication the preceding figure the multiplicand this figure the multiplier.

Writing these partial products that their right hand figures stand in a vertical column, they may then added and the decimal point determined inspection. Thus better explained the example agaii Those figures that are the right the vertical line are itted in the written professional essay writer calculation and simply mentally conducted. In a similar manner a corresponding abridgment long division may effected deleting a figure the divisor in each partial division after the first rewriting services instead bringing down a This same division worked phd proposal writing service out in full, showing the mental calculations that are eliminated, the figures the right the vertical line being the ones The short methods indicated are not necessarily prescribed.

They are offered only for the convenience the necessary in the technique the in vestigation introduced a method for correctly evaluating from the roentgenogram the true anatomic measure the structures that appear projected upon presented the procedure necessary for the roentgen ray anthropometric stud the skull, and its accuracy clearly demonstrated and discussed the mathematics the investigation, there will now submitted a system roentgen ray anthropometry.

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Just as physical anthropology and anthropometry are essentially concerned with the study man's variation, dealing in a comparative way with the study the human body and its inseparable functions, too, roentgen ray anthropology and anthropometry interested in establishing the comparative element in relation general human anatomy and physiology, and general biology.

Therefore, the method study in roentgen ray anthropometry must similar that adopted the physical anthropologist. The investigation should conducted upon the unit a series cases the anthropometric data derived from a single case being infinitely less valuable than that derived from a large number having practiced the accredited roentgen ray anthropometric methods and acquired the necessary degree accuracy next concerned with the collection roentgen ray anthropometric material. Proper blanks should, therefore provided upon which may catalogued the necessary information and identification the roentgenograms studied. The forms these blanks are compiled meet the needs each roentgen ray anthropometrist. In their proper place replicas the forms elaborated in connection with their original survey will included for guides those who may desire begin or continue roentgen ray Before the roentgen ray anthropometrist proceeds in this study necessary that should first qualify in general anthropological literature. By acquiring a knowledge general anthropology and anthropometry many the discussions presented in this thesis will more lucid and lucent the reader that a proper introduction the study should include at least a Vernon's Variation in Animals and Topinard's Elements D'Anthropologie Generale Hrdlicka's Physical Anthropology, and the same author mentioned are only some the innumerable important anthropological treatises but a familiarity with these few will serve as an excellent foundation in the light hich roentgen ray anthropometry may intelligently appreciated and applied. papers help Under the directions the SmithTo Continued in the July Journal W HEN visiting the average labora tory one cannot help noticing the carelessness and inaccuracy with which the factors governing roentgen ray dosage are measured and recorded. One operator will take the reading a socalled spark gap meter which simply a voltmeter the primary circuit, and record as the gap used without at i need help writing my thesis the same time stating what rheostat setting was used. He probably never lealizes that the reading represents a different gap for nearly every setting, and also varies with the milliamperage flowing through the line. Another will set his gap, which may consist anything from a fairly sharp point one blunt that nearly a small sphere far as the action the spark concerned, and then research paper writing services change from setting setting until a spark occurs. Another may not satisP.ed until has a flame between the points.

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Still another will make a setting and then, with the machine running, pull or push the points together until a spark jumps, recording that distance as the gap. Another will use a setting which at some time in the distant past gave a spark a certain length without realizing that a given setting may result different voltages under varying conditions load, primary line voltage, etc. These varying methods estimating gap efi ect the relationship gap actual voltage profoundly and yet every one these operators will feel that using a definite standard. When has established his gap the operator will then set his filament control that the milliammeter reading a certain load his satisfaction and that amount recorded. If his meter showing five, and one asks what the tube carrying, will look surprised and reply, Why, five, course.

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