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An attorney-in-fact cannot represent more than one. Any blood relative, relative marriage, or friend who has been called and who, without legitimate excuse, does not appear, shall undergo a fine which shall not exceed fifty francs and which shall imposed the Justice the. If there sufficient excuse, and should proper wait for an absent member or replace him in such case or in any other when the interests the minor shall appear require the Justice the Peace may adjourn.

The meeting shall held right at the office the Justice the Peace, unless himself designates another place. The presence three-fourths at least the members called shall necessary for deliberation.

The family council shall presided over the Justice the Peace, who has a deliberative vote or a casting vote in admission essay service case division.

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When a minor graduate school essay writing service domiciled in France owns property in the colonies, or vice versa, the special administration such property shall given a co-guardian. essay pay write In such case the guardian and co-guardian shall independent and not responsible towards each other for their. A guardian shall act and administer the property in such capacity from the day his appointment if has taken place in his presence otherwise, from the day upon which the notice thereof has been given him. Guardianship a personal duty, which does not descend the heirs the guardian.

These heirs shall only responsible for the management the person from whom they take and if they are full age they are bound continue the same until a new guardian buy phd thesis online has been appointed.

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In every case guardianship there shall an assistant guardian appointed the faiaily council.

His duties shall protect the interests the minor when they conflict with those the guardian. When the duties guardian are awarded custom writings service a person one the classes mentioned in sections, and the present chapter, the guardian, before assuming his duties, shall call a meeting the family council, composed as stated in section, appoint an assistant If the guardian has interfered with the management before this formality has been complied with, the family council, called together either at the request the relatives, creditors, or other interested essay writer service review parties, or the Justice help with research papers the Peace his own accord, may, in case fraud the part the guardian, take the guardianship away from him, without prejudice any indemnity which may due.

In all other kinds guardianship the appointment the assistant guardian shall take place immediately after.

The guardian shall never vote upon the appointment the assistant guardian, who, except in the case brothers whole blood, shall taken in the line which.

An assistant guardian shall not right take the place the guardian in case vacancy or if the guardianship abandoned owing the absence the guardian but in such case must have a new guardian appointed, and otherwise shall responsible for the damages which. The duties assistant guardian shall cease at the same time as the guardianship. The provisions contained in sections and the present chapter shall apply assistant guardians. Nevertheless, a guardian cannot ask for the dismissal an assistant guardian, nor can vote at the family council called together for that purpose. Causes exempting from Guardianship. Are exempt from being guardians Cassation, the Attorney General and the Assistant All citizens holding a public in a different Department from the one in which the guardianship constituted. Are also exempt from being guardians Soldiers in dissertations active service and all other citizens engaged in a mission for the King President the Republic outside the territory the Kingdom Republic. If the mission not official and contested, dispensation shall only Who wants to write my essay granted after the claimant has produced a certificate from the Minister whose department the mission invoked as an excuse may belong. OF MINORITY, GUAKDIANSHIP, EMANCIPATION.

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