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If the accounts give rise controversies, they shall brought forward and decided as other controversies in.

The sum which the balance due the guardian may reach shall bear interest, without demand, from the day the closing the accounting. The interest which might due the guardian the minor shall only begin run from the day the demand for payment which has followed the closing the. All actions in favour the minor against his guardian relating guardianship matters are outlawed at the end ten years from the time such minor becomes age.

A minor emancipated right bis marriage. A minor, even unmarried, can emancipated his father, or in default his father, his mother, when has reached the full age fifteen years.

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Such emancipation takes place upon the sole declaration the father or mother, received the Justice the Peace attended his clerk. A minor who remains without a father or mother, can also emancipated, but only at the full age eighteen years, if the family council deems that worthy In such a case, the emancipation shall result from the resolution authorizing and from the declaration which the Justice the Peace, as president the family council, has made in the same instrument the effect that the minor emancipated. When a guardian has not taken any steps for the emancipation the minor, as stated in the foregoing article, and when one or more blood relatives or relatives marriage the minor the degree first cousin or nearer degrees deem that worthy being emancipated, they can petition the Justice the Peace call together the family council decide thereupon.

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The Justice the Peace must comply with such request.

The guardian's accounts shall rendered the emancipated minor, assisted a curator, who shall paraphrasing worksheets appointed for him the family council. OP MINOEITY, GUARDIANSHIP, EMANCIPATION. An emancipated minor can execute leases, which the duration does not exceed nine years can receive his income, can give discharges therefor, and can perform all acts pure administration, without having the right rescind these acts if no such right existed in favour a person full age. He cannot institute an action relating real estate, nor defend in such an action, nor receive a capital, nor give a discharge therefor, without the assistance his curator, who, in the latter case, shall watch over the investment the capital received. .

An emancipated minor cannot borrow for any cause whatever without a resolution help with writing a thesis the family council, confirmed the Tribunal First Instance, after hearing the i need help writing a college application essay King's Attorney Republic's Attorney. Nor can sell or convey his real estate or perform any acts other than those pure administration, without following the rules set down for a minor who has not been psychology essay writing services As regards the obligations which has assumed owing purchases or otherwise, they shall reduced in case exaggeration for that purpose the Tribunals shall take into account the minor's fortune, the good or urgent essay help bad essay writing service legit faith the persons who have dealt with him, the usefulness or uselessness the expenses. Every emancipated minor whose engagements have oeen reduced in accordance with the foregoing article may deprived the benefit emancipation, which shall withdrawn, and the same formalities shall complied with as were followed confer. A minor shall replaced under guardianship from the day the emancipation has been revoked and shall remain until becomes full age.

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An emancipated minor who has a trade supposed age as the matters relating such trade. majority, inteediction, and judicial Passed tli March, promulgated April. Majority takes place at the full age twenty-one years at that age one can perform all the acts civil life, with the exception the restrictions imposed under the Title Of Marriage. A person full age who in a usual state imbeciHty, insanity or madness, shall interdicted, even if such condition accompanied lucid moments. Any relative allowed apply for the interdiction his relative. In like manner, any married person may the same for his wife or her husband.

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