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average resistance these animals was sixty-six and one-tenth per cent.

The average resistance the controls was seventeen and four-tenths per cent. In the next series the same exposure was made over the skin intact. Afterwards incision and inoculation were made. The tumor grew in all these.

In another series, after a local exposure subcutaneous tissue the rays inoculation was made in a protected area and was successful in nearly the same percentage help with writing your personal statement as in the normal The authors summary as follows An erythema dose x-rays given direct the exposed subcutaneous tissue and muscle greatly diminishes the susceptibility the exposed area transplanted cancer.

The same dose given over the intact skin does not affect the resisting power the underlying that a few days after the exposure the subcutaneous tissue there a lymphoid infiltration this tissue, vhich infiltr.ation sometimes includes Action Radium and the X-rays function and correlation erythrocytes, polymophonuclear neutrophile leukocytes, and the lymphocytes.

yet incomplete and this makes difficult the correct estimation the mechanism the action any agent upon the blood and the blood-forming radium and x-ray the normal blood diminishes the number lymphocytes and relatively increases the number Connective tissue formation can take place only when the lyphocytes and lymphoid tissue the organism remain intact, therefore, the influence x-ray and radium upon these the greatest significance. Previous experimentation turtles blood this method showed that the numerical relationship between the leukocytes and lymphocytes changes greatly soon after radiation, then gradually reutrns, and at custom paper writing service the end twelve days the blood contains the same relative number cells as before The experimentation here recounted service essays consisted subjecting radium and x-rays normal frogs, and also frogs in which a change in the white blood cells had been brought about a preliminary injection yeast.

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Academic custom essays

A similar study A total and differential blood count each animal was taken before treatment.

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writing an essay proposal The whole body the frog was exposed for fully five minutes, using a Coolidge tube, nine inch spark gap, seven, eight inch top rated essay writing services focal distance, no filtration.

Blood counts taken at intervals for four days gave a total leukocyte count only slightly different from the normal count.

The differential count showed a marked change in numerical relationship between the polymorphonuclear leukocytes and the lymphocytes. The number eosinophiles and transitionals remained practically the same.

The blood became From.

radium emanation in glass tubes was introduced into the dorsal lymph-sac a frog and results were analogous those just recounted the only difference being in the time at which change was most marked, twenty-four hours with x-ray The injection yeast into normal frogs produced a blood change similar that produced x-ray and radium, and when these agents were then applied no further change was induced. Experimentation upon the rabbitfe yielded identical results when x-ray vas used. Radium experimentation was carried out inserting from two four radium emanation capillaries into the spleen, and in another series animals, into the long bone. Examina tlon showed no change in essay writing services reviews blood structure. The reason for this top ghostwriters that the effect distributed, in the rabbit, in a larger quantity blood than in the frog. On the other hand the square surface the rabbit's body greater than that the help write essay online frog, and under the same exposure x-rays the rabbit's body received a greater amount radiation. Biologically these dosages x-rays and radium are analogous, for they produce an identical effect will produce the same and even a more marked local effect with far less general disturbance the best essay writers need help write my paper the blood. The larger the square surface entry for x-rays the more severe the general effect upon the blood. Biological conditions as well as purely physical conditions are a factor in estimation correct quantity and quality radiation. Dr.

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