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If a gfratluate medicine, shall present his diploma the board examiners hereafter provided for, for verification as its ficnnineness. If the diploma found crenuine and if the person named therein the person claiminjr and jiresentini the same, the board examiners shall issiui its certificate that effect, at least two the members thereof, and such diploma and certificate shall deemed conclusive as the right the holder the same practice medicine in this state.

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If the appellant not a graduate, the section then provides for his examination, and if such examination satisfactory the examiners, a certificate shall issue, which confers resume writing service business plan like privileges as in the case graduates.

The second section the act provides for the board examiners, defines ghostwriter for hire their qualifications and the method their appointment. Section the act requires the board examiners issue certificates all who shall furnish satisfactory proof having received diplomas or licenses from legally chartered medical institutions in good standing whatever school or system medicine and they shall prepare two forms certificates, one for persons in possession diplomas or licenses, the other for candi.lates examined the board they shall furnish the county clerks each county a list all persons receiving certificates, etc. Section the act exempts those then practicing medicine in Oregon, provided they register their names with the county clerk within sixty dnys By the amendatory act Session Acts, section three the original act amended. As amended ule the duty the State Board i Iedical Examiners issue certificates all who shall furnish satisfactoryproof having received diplomas or licenses from legalh cli u'tend medical institutions in good standing or system medicine. Thev shall prepare three forms certificates, one for persons in possession or licenses, one for candidates examined the board, and one for those who are practicing medicine or surgery in the State Oregon ami have registered essay writting service their names and places residence with the county clerk the county in which they reside, in conformity with section thirteen the These provisions statutory law appear have been copied sul stanlially either from the laws Illinois or Iissouri nor mnterial, for in each tiiose states the statute had been construed the courts before its enactment in this state. By adopting the statute in such case adopted with the construction had received the courts the state from whence was taken, and the decisions the courts such states are authority here.

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As a part the current history the times, and as an aid in arriving at the lesfislative intention, know there were colleges different kinds authorized the laws states in which they were located in which there were pretended annually delivered full courses lectures and instructions upon arts aud sciences professed taught, that were not reputable because they graduated for money frequently without regard for scholarship. A diploma from such an institution afforded no evidence scholarship or attainments its holder. It was a fraud and deserved no respect from anybody, and was against such diploma the law intended protect the public, and therefore required the college reputable. Whether a college reputable or not not a legal question but a question fact.

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So also are the requirements in regard the annual delivery full courses lectures and instructions. dissertation advice These questions fact are the act submitted the decision the board, not in many words, but the plainest and most necessary implication.

Their action predicated upon the existence the requisite facts, and no other tribunal authorized investigate them, and if necessary therefore they must The act ascertaining and determining what are the facts in its nature judicial. and practical instruction, which courses shall each not less than five months duration, and shall held in separate years, with practical insti uction intervening between the courses. Such colleges must also require a preliminary examination before admitting students matriculation Provided, that no certifirate from a high or normal school or other literary institution In this case The People rel.

Sheppard State Board Dental Examiners, supra, was approved, but was held under the essay helper online peculiar facts developed the pleadings that the board had abused the discretion which the statute had vested aud for that reason the alternative writ was made peremptory. The opinion the appellate court found in this case. App. So in The State rel. Granville Gregory, constituting the State Board Health Missouri, the same construction was given a very similar statute in the state Missouri. In that case was held that the granting certificates holders diplomas involved matters judgment and discretion the part the State Board Health, and would not enforced mandamus. A similar question came before the Supreme Court Minnesota in State rel.

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