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He obliged continue his management, even if the owner dies before the business ended, the time i need help writing my narrative essay the heir has been able assume the management.

He obliged devote the management the business all the care a prudent owner.

Nevertheless, the circumstances which have led him take charge the business may authorize the Judge diminish the damages which might result from the laches or negHgence the manager. An owner whose business has been properly managed must fulfil the agreements which the manager has entered into in his name ibe must hold him harmless for all the personal agreements which has assumed and repay him all the useful thesis phd or necessary expenses wHch has incurred.

A person who receives mistake or knowingly what not due him binds himself return the individual from whom has unduly received. When a person thought mistake owed a debt and has paid has the right claim back from Nevertheless, this right ceases in case the creditor has suppressed his written proof in consequence the payment, subject the remedy the person who has paid against the real debtor. If there has been bad faith the part the person who has received payment bound restore the capital, together with the interest or the revenue, from the day the payment.

If the thing unduly received real estate or corporeal personal property, the person who has received binds himself restore in kind, if exists, or its value if has been destroyed or damaged owing him also answerable for its loss accident if has received in bad faith.

If the person who has received the thing in good faith has sold only obliged return the price the. The person whom the thing returned must make good, even the possessor in bad faith, all the necessary or useful expenses which have been incurred for the preservation the thing.

Legit research paper writing services

Every act whatever an individual which causes injury another obliges the one owing whom the same has occurred make good. Every one responsible for the injury which has caused not only owing his own act, but owing science writers his negligence or his imprudence.

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A person responsible not only for the injuries which causes owing his own act, but also for those which are caused the acts persons for which answerable or things which are under his care. The father, and the mother after the death the husband, are responsible for injuries caused their minor Masters and employers are responsible for injuries caused their servants and employees in connection with the duties for which they are employed. Schoolmasters and best resume writing services washington dc mechanics are responsible for injuries caused their pupils and apprentices during the time they are under their supervision. The above liability exists imless the father, thesis coaching the mother, the schoolmasters or mechanics prove that they were unable prevent writers freelance the act which gives rise such liability.

The owner an animal, or the person who uses while has the use liable for professional personal statement writers the injuries which the animal has caused, whether the animal was under his care or whether was lost or got loose.

The owner a building responsible for the injuries caused its destruction when such destruction has taken place owing his not writing an essay help keeping in good order or marriage contracts and the rbspecth'e Passed February, promulgated tli same month. The law only regulates conjugal relations with respect property when there no special agreement, but the husband and wife may enter into any agreement they deem proper, provided not contrary good morals, and besides, subject the following restrictions. A husband and wife cannot derogate from the rights resulting from the husband's marital powers over the person the wife and the children or which belong the husband as head the family, nor from the rights conferred upon the survivor the husband or wife under the Title Of Paternal Authority and the Title Of Minority, Guardianship and Emancipation, nor from the prohibitory provisions the present Code. They cannot make any agreement or renunciation which the object would change the legal order succession, either with respect themselves in the succes sion their children or descendants or with respect their children among themselves without prejudice the donations inter vivos or mortis causd which may made according the manner and in the cases provided for in the present Code. A hushand and wife can no longer stipulate in a general manner that their association shall governed the customs, laws or local statutes which were heretofore in force in the various parts French territory and which are. They may, nevertheless, declare in a general manner that they intend marry under the system community or imder the dotal system. In the first case and under the system community the rights business dissertation topics the husband and wife and their heirs are regulated the provisions chapter the present In the second case and under the dotal system their rights shall regulated the provisions chapter Nevertheless, if the certificate celebration marriage bears that the husband and wife best essay writers have been married without a contract, the wife shall considered, with respect third parties, as having the capacity contracting in accordance with the provisions common law, unless she has declared in the instrument which contains the engagement her part that she has made a marriage contract. A simple stipulation the efiect that the wife has settled upon herself, or that another person has settled upon her, some property as dowry, not sufficient make the property come within the dotal system, unless there an express declaration that effect in the marriage contract.

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