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Any person violating this section shall deemed guilty a misdemeanor and shall upon conviction, pay a fine not less than one hundred nov more than two hundred dollars.

McClain's Code. It appeared without question the trial that, at and for several years prior the time charged, the defendant write my essay review was the employ Baker A Co. manufacturers proprietary medicines at Keokuk, Iowa that traveled with a team and wagon, carrying the medicines manufactured said company, and selling the same from house house whomsoever would purchase.

The defendant did not hold himself out as a physician, nor assume determine what the ailments people were, but distribute printed circulars, issued Baker Co. representing their medicines cures for certain diseases named in the circulars, ana the defendant represented that the medicines were as recommended.

Section said Acts the Eighteenth General Assembly provided that that act should not apply the sale research paper outline help proprietary medicines. Said section was amended section said Acts the Nineteenth General write my paper for me Assembly adding the following words Manufactured in the state when same are sold and distributed agents can someone rewriting services write my thesis for me from an established place business. Said section, as amended, was repealed section said Acts the Twentyfirst General Assembly, and the following enacted in lieu thereof See. Physicians dispensing their own prescriptions only, are not required registered phar-macists, provided that nothing in this act shall prevent any person not a registered pharmacist or not holding a permit from keeping or celling proprietary medicines, and such other domestic remedies as not include any intoxicating liquors or poisons. Appellant contends that said section, as originally enacted, not repealed, but only the amendment thereto made the acts the Nineteenth General Assembly, and therefore the act does not apply the sale proprietary medicines. The repeal not the amendment alone, but expressly said section, as amended. It entirely clear, under this view the law and the undisputed facts, that essay writers for pay the defendant was amenable pay the license provided, and, if did not was guilty the misdemeanor charged.

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Appellant offered prove Baker that, at his request, a pro-visiou exempting manufacturers proprietary medicines from the provisions the act was agreed the pharmacy commission, and incorporated in the original bill also prove certain statements the committeemen at the time the law was passed as its effect. Appellant complains the refusal admit this evidence, but fails point out any reason for the complaint.

Surely, in such a case as this, the statute not restricted or expanded in its operation agreements with the pharmacy commission, or construed according the statement legislators, except as they have expressed their intention in the law itself.

There was no error in excluding this evidence.

After the arguments were closed, the court suggested the county attorney that had failed prove that the defendant had no license.

The county attorney claimed that was for the defendant show that had a license. He also claimed that had proven the witness Mitchel that defendant admitted him that had no license. The court caused the reporter read the testimony Mitchel in hearing the jury, and appearing that Mitchel had not testified, and the county attorney stating that top 10 dissertation writing services had omitted oversight question Mr. Mitchel that subject, was permitted recall Mr. Mitchel, and prove him that defendant said had no license. It was within the discretion the court allow the witness recalled, and there was no abuse in that direction. The court had a right inform itself as what had been proven causing the evidence read, and was not prejudicial appellant that was read in the hearing the jury, as was already before the jury.

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