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Collective judgments shall recorded the registers civil status the port registry individual extracts therefrom may delivered. Judgments who can write my thesis for me establishing a death shall take the place certificates civil status, and can set against third parties, who shall only entitled have them corrected Of Certificates Civil Status relating Soldiers AND Sailors in certain special cases. Amended Law June.

Certificates civil status relating soldiers or sailors the State, and persons employed in the armies, shall drawn as stated in the foregoing chapters. Nevertheless, outside France and under the circumstances provided in this paragraph, such certificates may at all times likewise drawn the officials hereinafter mentioned, in the presence two witnesses.

In bodies troops mobilised for war, the paymaster or the officer acting as such, when the organization includes such an office, and when does not, the commanding officer. At head-quarters or in the staff, the quartermasters, or in their absence, the officers appointed take their place. For persons not in the service and employed in the armies, the provost or the officer acting as such. In the ambulances custom thesis papers or sanitary establishments for the use the army, the officers managing such establishments. In the naval and colonial stationary or movable hospitals, the head physician or his assistant.

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In the colonies and countries under protectorate, or during expeditions beyond the seas, the quartermasters or officers the commissariat, what should i write my paper on or in their absence the commanders the In France, certificates civil status may also drawn in case mobilisation or a siege, the officers mentioned in the five first numbers the foregoing paragraph. The powers these officers shall extend, if necessary, persons not in the service who may in the besieged forts and fortified places. Amended which is the best essay writing service Law June.

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In all the cases provided the foregoing article, the officer who has drawn a certificate shall forward a certified copy thereof the Minister War or the Navy, as soon as communications are possible, and within the shortest time and such Minister shall see that recorded the registers civil status the last domicil the father, or if the father unknown, the mother, for certificates birth the master thesis writing help husband, for certificates marriage and the decedent, for certificates death. If the place the last domicil unknown, the recording shall take place in Paris. Amended Law June.

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In the cases mentioned in article, a register civil status shall kept. In each body troops or mobilised formation for war, for certificates relating individuals named the roUs the corps troops or those the corps which have participated in the making-up the formation for war.

At each head-quarters or in each stafi!, for certificates relating all the individuals employed pay someone to write my essay therein or connected therewith.

phd thesis database In the provost's quarters, for all persons not employed in the armies. In each ambulance or sanitary establishment for the use the armies, and in each naval or colonial hospital for individuals under treat ment or employed in those establishments, as also for the dead belonging the army who are only deposited there. In each body operating separately in the colonies, in the countries under protectorate, or in case expeditions beyond the seas, the certificates relating persons away from the corps or the staff which they belong or with which they are connected, shall recorded the registers buy research paper no plagiarism the corps or the staff in which they are employed or with The registers shall closed at the time the armies are placed a peace footing or the siege raised. They shall forwarded the Minister War or the Navy, deposited with the archives their public. Amended Law June. The registers shall numbered and initialed.

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