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near Fulton Street.

This business was founded the present proprietor, Mr. John Quell, who has become widely popular as a manufacturer and paraphrasing machine wholesale and retail dealer in boots, shoes, gaiters, slippers, and rubbers every description, adapted for persons both sexes, all ages, izes, and conditions. At the address indicated above liasa wellappointed store, admirably fitted and arranged, and heavily stocked with all the newest styles in boots, shoes, gaiters, and slippers, which are offered at prices suit the times. The store has an area feet, and at the rear thisisa workshop where boots and shoes are made order and repairs all kinds expeditiously and neatly executed. The trade the house a large one and necessitates the employment twenty-three skilled and experienced hands.

Connected with the business a factory where a large custom coursework writing number hands are employed and the best mechanical appliances are brought into use. The aim and ambition the proprietor have always been advance the grade his goods and improve their quality, and a large patronage the result.

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The prices which prevail are eminently reasonable.

Mr. Quell, who a native Germany, and a resident in the European Union for buy papers online the past thirteen years, has always been connected with the shoe business and a practical shoemaker himself.

Ford's Pharmacy, Third Avenue, corner Twentyfifth Street.

Ford's Pharmacy maintains a high reputation, as few, if any, receive a larger share popular favor and merited patronage. Mr. Daniel Ford, the proprietor, a native Scotland, coming this country upward seventeen years ago, and a comparatively young man, being not over forty years old.

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A skillful and reliable pharmacist, and well equipped in the technical and practical knowledge the profession, embarked in business his own account here, and readily established himself in public confidence, and soon attracted an extensive and desirable trade. The pharmacy handsomely fitted and tastefully arranged elegant show cases, artistic fixtures, and magnificent soda fountain rendering a very inviting display and a large and carefully assorted stock carried, comprising pure and fresh drugs, medicines, and chemicals, proprietary remedies, extracts, acids, medicinal liquors, buying online college writing help college papers online sponges, chamois, perfumery goods, write my research paper online toilet articles, and everything that found in a leading establishment the kind. Charles Gerken Bro. Choice Family Groceries all kinds, Nostrand Avenue. Mr. Charles Gerken and his brother and copartner have been engaged in this special business since, and occupy a fine, large, handsome, neat, attractively arranged, well-fitted store, which has a double front plate-glass windows, and feet in dimensions. It specially designed for convenience and business purposes and the accommodation the patrons and the public, and contains a full assortment choice staple and fancy groceries, embraced among which are table delicacies and condiments, and the finest teas and coffees that are brought into the country, also pure spices, sugars, syrups, hermetically sealed fruits and vegetables, family flour, foreign and domestic fruits, and prime New York creamery butter. Both members the firm are Germans Joseph Hegeman Co. and continuing thus ever since. Kegular weekly sales are held eyery Friday at the central salesrooms, where furniture, pianos, carpets, and merchandise every description are offered for sale.

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