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Among these are fatigue, exhaustion, dull, aching pain, nervous, irritable help with comparative essay feeling, general nervousness, trembUng, unsteadiness, cramp, spasm, jumping, twitching, rigidity, contraction muscles, etc.

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In other forms professional cramp, as that telegraphers, musicians, sewing women, painters, artists, dancers, hammer-palsy and forth, the cramp but one a number symptoms, and no means the most important one. As in the writers cramp, there frequently no cramp at all from the beginning the end the disease.

This disease primarily a peripheral and local disease the nerves and mnscles secondarily and rarely becomes central and general, or may result from various central lesions and may affect any point between the extreme periphery and the centre. This disease occurs mostly in those who are strong, frequently very strong constitutions, and quite rare in the nervous and delicate, and when does occur in those who are nervous, easier relieved and cured than when occurs in the i need help writing a term paper strong.

This disease far less likely occur in those who original work, as authors, journalists, composers, than in those who routine work, as clerks, book-keepers, copyists, agents, and forth.

This disease, like all nervous diseases in this country, diminishes in frequency as south.

Writers cramp no longer an incurable disease. The treatment writers cramp and affections allied consists a In the use electricity locally applied, Hypodermic injections atropia, strychnia, duboisia.

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Fowler's solution, and other tonics, narcotics and sedatives, The internal use calabar bean, ergotine, iodoform, and, in some cases, nerve food, as oil write my essay reviews and fats, Massage, The alternate use hot and cold rubber bags, The use the actual cautery and very small blisters the upper portion the spine, or along the course the affected nerves and muscles.

Tetanoid Paraplegia. This disease otherwise known as spastische spinalparalyze, Erb, and Tabes dorsal spasmodique, Charcot.

Dr. Seguin Archives Medicine January, very fully reviews all the facts thus far developed, with conclusions as follows There possibly a disease worthy being called primary sclerosis the lateral columns, and characterized tetanoid paraplegia, without anaesthesia, academic writing help center ataxia, atrophy, or affections the bladder. There very certainly a tetanoid paraplegia indirectly produced various help with writing a good thesis statement lesions the spinal cord as pressure effects, syphilitic and non-syphilitic myelitis in the dorsal region, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, traumatic myelitis, disseminated nodular sclerosis. It probable that a functional tetanoid paraplegia exists in children, caused genital or other peripheral irritation. It possible that tetanoid paraplegia cervicalis in young children may due defective cerebral development, and consequent agenesis certain tracts in the cord. Pathological anatomy tells that In the true spastic paralysis, Charcot and Erb claim that there primary sclerosis the lateral columns the cord. The opinion based upon five rather unsatisfactory cases. In the case which Charcot and Betons took for spastic paralysis, the autopsy revealed disseminated sclerosis, numerous nodules being found in the lateral columns. In the late contracture hemiplegia, which produces symptoms much resembling tetanoid paraplegia, now know beyond question that there degeneration the posterior part the lateral column the crossed pyramidal column Flechsig. In the various diseases the spinal cord which, in the experience many observers, have been accompanied or followed a tetanoid state, have good reason believe that there was a secondary descending degeneration the crossed pyramidal column. Thus appears almost certain that lesions the crossed pyramidal columns have much with the development tetanoid paraplegia, though as yet lack a demonstration the existence primary sclerosis these parts. Skin Irritation Its Various Forms Produobd thb Administration Drugs. Dr.

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