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Men fail fortune in this world, as they fail happiness in the world come, simply because they are unwilling deny themselves momentary enjoyments for the sake permanent future Every large city filled with persons, who, in order support the appearance wealth, constantly live beyond their income, and make the deficiency contracting debts which are never paid. Others, there are, the mere drones so ciety, who pass their days in idleness, and subsist pirating the hives the industrious.

Many who run a short-lived career splendid beggary, could they but write my dissertation for me persuaded adopt a system rigid economy for a few years, pass the remainder their days In affluence. But no I They must keep appearances, they must live lilje other folks. Their debts accumulate their credit fails they are harassed duns, and besieged constables and sheriff.

In this extremity, as a last resort, they submit a shameful dependence, or engage in criminal practices which entail hopeless wretchedness and infamy themselves and Stick the business in which you are regularly employed. Let speculators make thousands in a year or a day mind your own regular trade, never turning from the right hand or the left, yon are a merchant, a professional man, or a mechanic, never buy lots or stocks, unless you have surplus money which you wish invest.

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Your own business yon understand as well as other men but other peoni business you not understand. let your business some one useful the community. All such occupations possess the elements profit in Numerous questions having arisen as the mode procedure purchase public lands, or acquire title the same bounty land locations, pre-emptions or homestead, this circular communicated for the In order acquire title public lands the following steps must taken.

Application must made the Kegister the district land office in which the A list all the land offices in the Fnited States furnished the Department, with the seats the different offices, where the duty the Begister and Receiver in attendance, and give proper facilities and information persons The minimum pnce ordinary public lands, per acre.

The even or reserved sections falling within railroad grants are increased double Lands once offered at public sale, and not afterwards kept out market reservation, or otherwise, as prevent free competition, may entered or located. By the applicant filing with the Register his written application describing the tract, vrith its area the Register will then certify the receiver whether the land vacant, with Its price and when found the applicant must pay that price per acre, or may locate the same with land warrant, and thereafter the Receiver thesis writers help in assignment writing in delhi wUl give him a duplicate receipt, which IS required surrender previous the delivery him the patent, which may had either application for the Register or the General Land Office.

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If the tract has not been offered at pubUc sale not liable ordinary private entry, but may secured a party legally qualified, upon hie compliance with the requirements the pre-emption laws September, and March, and after such party shall have made actual settlement for such a length time as will show designs for his permanent home, and acting in good faith, buildmg a house and residing therein, may proceed the district land office, establish his pre-emption claim according law, proving his actual residence and cultivation, and showing that otherwise within the purview these acts. I hen can enter the land at, either in cash or with bounty land warrant, unless the premises should, acre lands.

In that case the whole purchase-money can paid cash, or one-half in cash, the residue with a bounty land warrant. But if parties legally qualified desire plying with the Department Circular, dated. The law confines Homestead entries surveyed lands and although, in certain States and Territories noted in the subjoined list, pre-emptors may land before survey, yet they can only establish their claim after return survey, but must file their pre-emption declaration within three months after receipt official plat, at the local land-office where the settlement was made before survey. Where, however, was made after survey, the claimant must file within three months after date settlement and where actual residence and cultivation have been long enough show that the claimant has made the land his permanent home, can establish his claim and pay for the same at any time before the date the public sale lands within the range in which his settlement. All unoffered surveyed lands not quired under pre-emption, homestead, or otherwise, under express sanction, must ofrered at public sale under the President's Proclamation, and struck off the highest bidder, as required act Commissioner General Land Office. A promise a debtor give satisfactory security for the payment a portion his debt, a sufficient consideration for a release academic writing service uk the residue his. Administrators are liable account for interest flxnds in their hands, although no profit shall have been made upon them, unless the exigencies the estate rendered prudent that they should. Any person who voluntarily becomes an agent for another, and in that capacity obtains information which as a stranger could have had no access, bound in subsequent dealing with his principal, as purchaser the quoting and paraphrasing property that formed the subject his agency, communicate such. When a house rendered untenantable in consequence improvements made the adjoining lot, the owner such cannot recover damages, because presumed that had knowledge the approaching danger in time protect himself from. When a merchant ship abandoned order the master, for the purpose saving life, and a part the crew subsequently meet the vessel abandoned and bring her safe into port, they will entitled salvage.

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