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Dunster offered the following Resolvedj That the sense this Association that the recommendations the general Convention Medical Colleges, buying term paper good dissertation writers online held at Atlanta, the second day May, ought Prof.

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Chaille called from the table the following Resolved That shall considered derogatory the dignity good standing any medical college represented in this Association advertise in any other than a strictly medical publication the names its professors, with their respective chairs. This resolution does not apply the annual circulars and catalogues issued the colleges, but advertising in non-professional help with writing a university personal statement periodicals, newspapers, and other like publications, in which only a card calling attention the advantages the school, length session, fees, etc.

with the name the executive officers or secretary appended, should permitted.

After full discussion Profs. Chaille, Dawson, Murphy, Lankf ord and others, the resolution was adopted. Prof. Chaille offered the following amendment the Vllr Advertisements No college shall advertise in any other than a strictly medical publication the names its professors, with their respective chairs. Being seconded, lies over till next year for action.

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european medical college association, Twenty-six Annual Assessments Janitor, Buffalo Medical College Postage, express, check collection Assessments are due for the last year from the following Texas Medical College and Hospital.

College Physicians and Surgeons, New York. On motion, the report was accepted and adopted. Prof.

Grenville Dowell offered the following Resolved That the metric system shall henceforth used in the minutes this Association, and in all papers published under its authority, and that the professors represented in this Association requested teach the metric system, in their Prof.

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Dunster offered the following amendment the ByLaws For Section, the By-Laws, substitute the Delegates the meetings the Association may chosen from among the members the governing boards a college, or from members the faculty having a vote upon the graduation students, or from both but in no case shall such double representation coursework writing service entitle a college more than one On motion the Secretary, the thanks the Association were tendered Prof.

Westmoreland, and the Georgia State officials for their courtesy in providing where can i buy research papers online such comfortable and convenient rooms for the meetings the Association. On motion Prof. Gross, the thanks the Association were tendered the President and Secretary for their efficient On motion, was decided that the next meeting held Monday morning preceding the next meeting the european Medical Association, and at the same place. european Medical Association Thirtieth Annual Meetinflr. Pursuant announcement, this meeting convened in the Being called order President Parvin, a fervent prayer was offered the Dr. Gwinn. Logan, as chairman the local Committee Arrangements, presented an admirable address welcome. The list registered members was now read the Secretary, showing that delegates were present from thirty-one States. As usual, protests were offered against the admission members from several States in this instance from Arkansas, Indiana, and West Virginia.

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