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The facts in the case were as follows On March, this College made formal application for membership in the Association, and the application was at once forwarded each member the Association. On April the Secretary received notice that BeUevue Hospital Medical College objected the admission the applicant, the ground that its catalogue showed that allowed four year's time count as one course definition essay help lectures this provision being in direct opposition a provision the The objection being forwarded Joseph Hospital Medical College, replied that the ground objection was correct, but that could not at present alter its requirements for graduation as remove the grounds for objection. In view these facts, desired withdraw its application. The Secretary having no power comply with the request, presented the Association for instructions. After a full discussion the question, as a matter privilege Joseph Hospital Medical College was permitted withdraw its The application Dartmouth Medical College, for the acceptance its resignation as a member the Association was granted. The ground this resignation was the alleged top essay writing websites inability Dartmouth lengthen its course twenty weeks, as required the Articles Confederation at and after. On motion Prof.

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Bodine, was Resolved That unlawful for credit granted any student for two regular courses when the same are taken within On motion Prof. Peck, was decided make the election officers the special order business for, Monday morning.

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On motion Prof. my custom essay Bodine, was ResoLvtdy That gratuitous instruction writing services reviews medical students any member this Association, otherwise than as provided for in sections, and, the Articles Confederation, unlawful. Resolved That a committee appointed the chair draft appropriate resolutions the death Prof.

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Biddle. The chair named as such committee.

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Dawson, Gross, Prof. example dissertation Loving presented a report the proceedings the Convention Medical Colleges held in Atlanta, May.

This report was received and made the special order Prof.

Reynolds offered the following resolution Resolved That members this Association cannot in any way recognize the tickets any institution, which, reason insufficient lecture term, or insufficient previous period study are ineligible membership in this body. Prof. Bodine offered press release writing service the following Resolvedy That no school shall recognized this body as in good standing a majority the members whose faculty hold chairs in two or more separate schools. Prof. Chaille offered the following Resolved That shall considered derogatory the dignity and good standing any college represented in this Association advertise in any other than a strictly medical publication the names its professors, with their respective chairs. This resolution does not apply the annual circulars and catalogues issued the colleges, but advertising in non-professional periodicals, newspapers and other like publications, in which only a casual calling attention the advantages the school, length session, fees, etc. with the name the executive officers and secretary appended, should permitted.

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