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So the seeds the diphtheria few them vegetate because but few the exposed present the necessary conditions. The dictum the non-contagion ists would, if applied the weeds, lead the reductio absurdum that weeds never The quicker let the non-contagious theory drop entirely out best essay writing websites focus the better for the profession and the world. Turning the consideration the opposite belief find contagionists divided into two sects, one party holding like.

W. Richardson, with his glandular theory, that the infection a chemical poison, and the other that a contagiutn vivum or living writing service personal statement microscopical fungus that gets entrance into and grows at the expense the animal fluids.

It not intended discuss here the relative merits the two hypotheses, since there are not facts enough upon which base a certain conclusion. After the discovery the German pathologists that the diphtheritic membrane was full micrococci, was thought over sanguine people that the question was decided, and that these inf usorians were the cause the disease, but a regard for scien tific truth compels acknowledge that this probable cheap custom essay papers ponjer not yet proved. It may that instead bearing the relation cause the disease, they only bear tkat efft-rt, and that the true diphtheritic fungus loo small for obaeiTation. There little need mistaking diphtheria for any other disease.

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In making out the diagnosis, mainly ueueasary exclude oommou non-specific pharyngitis, angiuose scarlet fever and quinsy from these and all other diseasea, can after in fairly established, diagnosticated in the dark and without asking questions, if the diagnostioator has the sense smell properly developed and educated.

Some others the zymotic diseases have bad smells that are peculiar and distinctive, but none marked an extent as diphtheria. The offensive effiuvium sui generis and pathognomonic the disease whenever present no matter how anomalous the other symptoms may and they are sometimes very anomalous the complaint liphtheria. There may a rash the skin and albuminous urine, hut if the characteristic effluvium there, the disease not scarlet fever but diphtheria the other hand, there may no rash the skill, and the throat may lined with an ashy grey membriine, but if the efilnvium not there, the disease not diphtheria whatever may either anginose scarlet fever or eomnuin pharyngitis.

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There may again, very little membrane seen in the red and inflamed throat, but if the effluvium there, the disease not qm'nsy but diphtheria.

Quinsy has been sometimes mistaken for the latter, since attended with even more swelling the tonsils, frequently with an aphthous growth and bad smell the breath, which however, a different smell from that diphtheria, and ought not, an educated nose, lead liability mistake.

The prominence given this diagnostic symptom precludes the necessity considering at any length the rest the chill, fever, headache, wandering pains, i need motivation to write an essay swelled throat lined with the false membrane, the altered voice, being none them exactly homework essay help pathognomonic the peculiar wandering paiss making the nearest approach Among the sequela. one, the paralysis need help writing term paper may considered nearly if not quite diagnostic. In the whole loathsome catalogue diseases which poor humanity afflicted, there are but few the shapes abhorred that are more dreaded than diphtheria.

There none, except small-pox and erysipelas, more repulsive the senses, and none, not even yellow fever and cholera, show a higher death rate. When, about twenty years ago, came creeping toward from the east, was under a form intense malignancy, but after the first violence its attack was spent, automatic paraphrasing seemed undergo a favorable modification, and for several years but little harm the public attention not being strongly directed and very few notices its ravages appearing in the press. i need help with super paper mario Of late seems have undergone another, revolution, and reverted its original condition custom research papers malignancy, if not a worse one, that hardly take a paper without reading the record its havoc in some part That diphtheria the increase cannot doubted. The last registration report for the State Michigan, which yet compiled, for the year, according which, the number deaths from diphtheria during that year was, exactly the In exhibit, showing the fifteen principal causes death, does not have a place. Taking the mortality from the disease in Lapeer i want to buy a research paper county phd proposal writing services as the basis the total for the State, this will shown, when comes compiled, for that year not less than, placing third the list principal It a favorable feature diphtheria epidemics that they are more local and seem die out more suddenly than most other contagious diseases. If this were not and the disease spread from one locality another, instead making the unaccountable short stops that does, diphtheria would head the list principal causes death. We cannot cure diphtheria.

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